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StatBase® - Databank Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Statistics DataBank?
The National Statistics DataBank is a service that provides macro and micro economic time series in an electronic format.

What is available?
All of the datasets shown in the catalogue are available either on diskette or on-line via the Internet. Contents lists of any particular dataset can be provided upon request.

What is a dataset?
A standard dataset is a batch of time series grouped together to mirror a National Statistics publication or Press Notice (First Release).
Each time series has a unique 4 alpha character identifying code, known as a CDID - these codes are unique to the National Statistics and are used extensively within the ONS.
Each dataset contains the complete historical run of back-data for each of the time series that constitute/make-up the dataset. The period start dates may well vary for each time series.

How often are the datasets updated?
The frequency of updates depends upon the dataset selected, either on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis.
Datasets relating to First Releases are dispatched on the day the release is issued. Datasets relating to publications are dispatched on the day the book goes to the printers, normally 7-10 days before its actual publication.

How much does it cost?
The prices (excluding VAT) are shown in this catalogue.
The prices included in the catalogue are for end-users. If you wish to sell or pass on the data to third parties different rates of charges apply. These rates vary depending on how you wish to pass on, value add or utilise the data. If you contact us at the address below we can discuss these rates.

What format are data available in?
The datasets are available in two standard formats. Navidata® 3.1 or a fixed structure flat-file format.
Navidata® 3.1 is free software developed specifically to allow users to utilise more effectively time series data. This free software package has been carefully designed to be simple to use and yet powerful in its application. It allows you to work with time series data, to manipulate and display them together on screen at the touch of a button. The user can perform analyses or calculations on the data, draw graphs and output tables and graphs to file, printer or Windows clipboard.
Details of the fixed structure flat-file format are available on request. This format is suitable only for those who have a competent level of knowledge of computing systems.

How are the data delivered?
Data can be delivered as downloadable files over the internet (for subscriptions), sent as e-mail attachments (small one-off's), or data-on-disk(s) through the post.

How do I gain access?
To subscribe or to purchase a dataset, initially you need to contact the ONS DataBank Service in writing (e-mail, post or fax), detailing: -

  • Name of dataset/s required
  • Frequency of dispatch required
  • Medium required - disk or downloadable on-line
  • Format – Navidata3® 3.1 or fixed structure flat file
  • Your full contact and invoicing details

Once we have received your request your order will be processed and the latest data will be dispatched. If you have requested to receive the data on-line you will be allocated a username and password which will be forwarded to you along with details on how to access the data.

Who do I contact for more information?
If you need any more assistance please contact this office:

Tel: +44 (0)20 7533 5675
Fax: +44 (0)20 7533 5688
E-mail: statbase@statistics.gov.uk

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