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StatBase® - DataBank Catalogue

Monthly Datasets
Dataset Title Price (per year) Monthly updates Price (per year) Quarterly updates Price (per issue) for a single dispatch
  (A) (B) (C)
  £(1) £(1) £(1)
Claimant Count 270 180 90
Consumer Price Indices 450 300 150
Consumer Credit Business (CCB) 150 100 70
Economic Trends 630 420 210
Employment and Earnings 330 220 110
Financial Statistics 1260 840 420
Index of Industrial Production (aggregate level) 300 200 100
Index of Industrial Production (detailed level) 700 460 230
Labour Market Statistics 270 180 90
Monthly Digest of Statistics 1020 680 340
Monthly Review of External Trade Statistics (Business Monitor MM 24) 720 480 240
Price Index Numbers for Current Cost Accounting 320 210 105
Producer Price Indices (aggregate level) 270 180 90
Producer Price Indices (detailed level) (Business Monitor MM 22) 800 560 280
Public Sector Finance 120 80 50
Retail Prices Index (agg. level) 320 210 105
Retail Prices Index (detailed level) (Business Monitor MM23) 780 520 260
Retail Sales (agg. level) 120 80 50
Retail Sales (detailed level) 350 - -
UK Trade 130 90 60

Quarterly Datasets
Dataset Title Price (per year) quarterly updates Price (per issue) for a single dispatch
  (B) (C)
  £(1) £(1)
Acquisitions and Mergers within the UK 200 100
Consumer Trends (Business Monitor MQ24) 500 250
GDP(O) (GVA) 130 70
Investment by Insurance Companies, Pension Funds and Trusts 280 140
National Accounts (PN2)
UK Output, income & expenditure
90 60
Investment by Insurance Companies, Pension Funds and Trusts (Business Monitor MQ5) 400 200
Preliminary Estimate of GDP - free to subscribers to both PN2 and UKEA datasets 70 40
Public Sector Accounts 250 200
Public Sector Transactions - seasonally adjusted data 250 200
Trade by Industry (Business Monitor MQ10) 600 300
UK Economic Accounts Quarterly Supplement (Full National Accounts) 660 330

Annual Datasets
Dataset Title Price per issue for a single dispatch
Economic Trends Annual Supplement 200
UK Balance of Payments (National Statistics Pink Book) 200
UK National Accounts (National Statistics Blue Book) 300

(1) exclusive of VAT

Prices Columns - What you receive
Column A Monthly From the commencement of your contract, each month for a year, you will receive a copy of the dataset you ordered.
Column B Monthly and/or Quarterly For monthly datasets for a period of one year, you will receive 4 issues. One complete issue being forwarded per quarter from the commencement of your contract. For quarterly datasets you will receive 4 quarterly issues from the commencement of your contract.
Column C Monthly, Quarterly or Annual You receive a single issue of the dataset required as soon as it is available.

Individual series
You may not always require a complete dataset but only a number of selected individual series. Tailored datasets containing individual time series can be provided on-line or on diskette. See below for the price of individual series. Series required on a regular basis, but taken from different datasets, will be priced separately. In addition a fee will be incurred for all work where the preparatory time for a tailored dataset exceeds 10 minutes. For more information telephone, write or fax the National Statistics Sales Office - details below.
Data provided on subscription (Internet download or disk)
Monthly 12 monthly despatches for one year £6.00 + VAT per series per annum
Monthly and/ or Quarterly 4 despatches during a one year period £5.00 + VAT per series per annum
Single/Ad hoc Single despatch at time of order £4.00 + VAT per series
Please note: minimum purchase order of 10 series applies for individual series.

Under the National Statistics License Agreement National Statistics Databank information must not be passed or sold to a third party but only used within your own organisation. A standard License is for a single concurrent user; multiple users (e.g. on networked systems) must apply to the National Statistics Sales Office, details below, for permission and pay the appropriate fee.
Customers wishing to redistribute National Statistics data must apply for a National Statistics Reseller License. The National Statistics offers two reseller categories:

  • Value Added Reseller (VAR)
  • Host Bureau (HOST)

If you require further information about the National Statistics Databank please contact:

Online Services Branch
Office for National Statistics
Zone B1/12
1 Drummond Gate

Tel: +44 (0)20 7533 5675
Fax: +44 (0)20 7533 5688

E-mail address: statbase@statistics.gov.uk

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