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StatBase® - Navidata® Software
NAVIDATA® 3.1 Software

Time Series datasets held on StatBase®, TimeZone and DataBank can be downloaded in a format that you can use with the Navidata® 3.1 software.

Navidata® 3.1 has been designed as a simple to use tool for viewing time series in tables and graphs. Using Navidata® 3.1 you can create your own tables; mixing and matching series from any number of different datasets. You can view your selection as a table or choose from a number of graphical displays. You can apply simple time series transformations to the data and for further analysis with other software, you can export your selection in a range of formats.

System Requirements

Navidata® 3.1 requires a PC with an Intel Pentium or 100% compatible processor running Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 or XP.

Download Navidata® 3.1

Download Navidata® 3.1 (4.36Mb).

Instructions for installing Navidata® 3.1 software

Note for existing users - Please Uninstall any previous versions of Navidata® before installing Navidata® 3.1

  • Click on the link above to download the Navidata® 3.1 software to a temporary directory of your choice.
  • Using Windows Explorer, locate the downloaded file and double-click to begin the setup process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.

Uninstalling Navidata® 3.1

Go into Control Panel and select Add/Remove programs. Locate NaviData® from the program list and click to highlight. The Add/Remove button is now enabled, clicking it will uninstall NaviData®.

Instructions for importing StatBase® datasets into Navidata® 3.1

Navidata® 3.1 uses specially formatted files that contain libraries of tables. StatBase® datasets can either be added to an existing Navidata® 3.1 file as a new table or become the first table of a new Navidata® 3.1 file. This is done using the Dataset Manager of Navidata® which is reached by clicking the Tools menu then selecting Dataset Manager. Once in the Dataset Manager, clicking on the Help button will give you simple instructions for importing the StatBase® file.

Note for users of Navidata® 2 software

Navidata® 3.1 is an updated version of the Navidata® 2 software which is currently used by many customers of the ONS Databank service. For the present, the ONS Databank service will continue to present its files in Navidata® 2 format. These files can be imported by Navidata® 3.1, but files downloaded from StatBase® are not suitable for use with Navidata® 2.

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