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Welcome to TimeZone

TimeZone is a service that allows you to access individual time series from the Government Statistical Service and download them directly to your desktop. It is similar to another service called DataBank, run by the Office for National Statistics.

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Like DataBank the TimeZone service allows you to access the complete histories of most of the time-series published in the ONS's major economic publications, whether they be First Releases or Compendia volumes such as Economic Trends. The major difference is that TimeZone allows you to pick and choose individual time-series from the whole range on offer.
More information on TimeZone, including a Step-by-Step Guide

Downloading from TimeZone
Data from TimeZone can be downloaded in either csv or Navidata® 3.1 formats. Navidata® 3.1 is free software developed specifically for analysing and using time series data.
Download Navidata® 3.1 software and a sample dataset.

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