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Welcome to StatBase®
StatBase® - The National Statistics Encyclopaedia
StatBase® contains data, and information about those data, from government statistical units across the UK.

Use Datasets to search for data
View and download all or part of each dataset. Browse by Theme or view a list of all the datasets available in StatBase®.

Use the Catalogue to search for information about data (metadata)
Metadata includes product descriptions, content, format, ISBN, prices and details of who to contact with questions or orders.

Use TimeZone to access time series data
Access comprehensive time series data as published in the major National Statistics economic and socio-economic publications.

Other methods of searching

Use Publication Datasets to search for datasets featured in some of our most important publications
Selection available includes data from Social Trends, Regional Trends, Health Statistics Quarterly and Population Trends.

Use Search, the keyword search facility
Browse for data or metadata.

More StatBase® services

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