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UK 2002 - The Official Yearbook of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
UK 2002 - The Official Yearbook of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The definitive overview of the UK in text, figures, tables, maps, charts and (hardcopy only) colour photographs. Formerly known as the Britain Yearbook.

This issue covers the UK and its people, the system of government, overseas relations, defence; education, the labour market, social protection, health services, criminal and civil justice, religion, culture, media and communications, sport, environmental protection, planning and housing, transport; the economy, public finance, international trade and investment, science, engineering and technology, agriculture, manufacturing, energy, and finance and other services.

UK 2002 will be released on 21 November.
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Office for National Statistics, Annually, ISBN=0116214570, 37.50, Hardcopy Publication.
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Britain 2001 Yearbook (6.7Mb - pdf)
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