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Telecoms Regulation


Recent Developments

  1. DTI / DCMS Communications White Paper

  2. Lawful Business Practice Regulations

  3. Modernisation of Licence Modification Procedures (Implementation: Summer 2000)

  4. Telecommunications (Services for Disabled Persons) Regulations 2000 (September 2000)

  5. The Advanced Television Services Regulations 1996: Amendments. (June 1999)

  6. New Appeals Mechanism for Telecoms Regulatory Decisions (December 1999)

  7. The Telecommunications (Interconnection) (Carrier Pre-Selection) Regulations 1999

  8. Numbering Directive: Number Portability Requirements - A Joint DTI/Oftel Consultation (Responses requested by 
    December 1999)

  9. Numbering Directive: Carrier Pre-selection (CPS) Requirements - a Joint DTI /Oftel Consultation (Responses requested by December 1999)

  10. The EC Telecoms Data Protection Directive (1997)

  11. Mobile Phones and Health - Government Response to Stewart Group Report

  12. Tests on Mobile Phones Used With and WIthout Hands Free Kits

  13. Mobile Phones Hands Free Kit - Your Questions Answered

European Initiatives

  1. Information on the European Commission 1999 Communications Review is available on the Oftel website by clicking here

  2. For details of the European Commission E-Commerce Directive see Electronic Commerce

  3. Eurobriefing European Community Developments in Telecommunications


Background Information

  1. Communications Liberalisation in the UK (history and benefits of privatisation [1999])

  2. Background Paper on Telecoms Regulation (detailed description of legislative framework [1995])
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