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The Prime Minister launched UK online on 11 September. You can either watch the launch or read the transcript

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UK online is for everyone. It is a drive to ensure that everyone in the UK who wants it will have access to the Internet, and to make the UK one of the world's leading knowledge economies.
It is a partnership between government, industry, the voluntary sector, trades unions and consumer groups.
This website provides general information about UK online as well as descriptions and links to services that are currently available to individuals and businesses. You can find details of these under the 'UK online and you' section on the left-hand side of this page. If your organisation would like to join UK online, you can find out more here.

From later this year, this site will provide a single online point of entry to government information and services.

The Government-backed service UK online should not be confused with the Internet Service Provider UK Online.

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Brown sets out multi-million pound programme to bridge the digital divide
11 October 2000.

UK is a global leader in online trading
DTI news release 10 October 2000.

OFTEL reviews dial-up Internet market
OFTEL news release 9 October 2000

Teachers with e-mail addresses @ 190,000
DfEE News Release 4 October 2000

New technology helps improve pupil performance at school
DfEE News Release 4 October 2000

Guidance for firms who monitor e-mails and phone calls
DTI News Release 3 October 2000

Whitehall's first-ever 'Webmaster General' appointed
2 October 2000

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