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Commiunications and Information Industries  


Information Age
Information Society

Electronic Commerce
Electronic Commerce

Telecoms Regulation

Telecoms Licences

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Service Content
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Data Security

  1. Electronic Signatures & Associated Legislation, An Overview

  2. The Business Manager's Guide to Information Security

  3. Protecting Business Information

  4. Protecting Business Information - Understanding the Risks

  5. Protecting Business Information - Keeping it confidential

  6. Information Security and the Internet

  7. Information Security Assurance Guidelines

  8. The 1998 Data Protection Act and BS 7799

  9. For details of EU Information Society work on Information Security visit the UKISHELP website.

  10. Managing Information security

  11. Information Security Breaches Survey 2000

  12. Information Security Breaches Survey 2000 - Technical Report
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Last Updated: August 2000

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