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The Government White Paper published on 4 March 1999 (ISBN 0-10-142532-5) announced the intention to carry out a Census Coverage Survey to assess the accuracy of the 2001 Census. The information gathered from this survey will be used in conjunction with the Census itself to produce a consistent set of counts from the 2001 Census that sums to the national estimate of the population on 29 April 2001. This will be achieved through what is known as a One Number Census process.

A Guide to the One Number Census has been written to inform users of 2001 Census data and the National Statistics mid-year population estimates about the One Number Census (ONC). It is designed to answer the following questions:

  • What is a One Number Census?
  • How is it achieved?
  • What are the implications of undertaking a One Number Census in 2001?
  • Is it really necessary?

The guide can be viewed HERE in Portable Document Format (pdf), or click HERE to download the zipped file in Rich Text Format (rtf) which is 304KB in size and prints to 22 A4 pages. For help in downloading pdf and zip files click HERE.

A shorter document titled ‘What is a One Number Census?’ has also been written. This two page booklet provides readers the basic ideas behind the ONC, and an indication of how it will be achieved. This document can be viewed HERE in pdf, or HERE in rtf.

Both of the above documents were originally written to supplement the '2001 Census: Consultation with Users' Roadshows held throughout the UK during the first half of 1999. As part of these roadshows, four One Number Census workshops were held. These provided census users with the opportunity to discuss the Office for National Statistics methodology in greater depth and question members of the Project Team.

The response to the Workshops was overwhelmingly positive, those attending took the opportunity to ask a broad range of questions. Many of the issues raised are currently being looked at as part of the ongoing development and evaluation of the ONC methodology following on from the 1999 Census Rehearsal. Once this work is complete, details of the final ONC methodology will be made available here, together with information on future ONC consultation activities and events.

If you require further information regarding any aspect of the One Number Census please email: onc@ons.gov.uk

Updated 14/06/2000

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