Using the Public Services Directory

CCTA has developed this image-based Directory of Public Services to provide easy access to the range of public services available across both Central and Local Government from a single integrated source . The aim is to support more open government through clarity both about what services are provided and how such service may be obtained.

Appropriate context sensitive help will be provided following assessment of any areas of difficulty. Suggestions to improve either ease of use or usefulness will be welcome.

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Getting help


This button takes you to this help page from any page that has the standard icon bar

More information about the World Wide Web

For more background information about the World Wide Web and the Internet, you might find these pages interesting to visit:

World Wide Web FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Yahoo - A Guide to WWW
The Web Crawler Top 25

More information about the Government Pages guidelines

The guidelines used to produce the Government Pages will be kept up-to-date as the technology of the Internet develops. The CCTA WWW Guidelines can be accessed by anyone - and we always appreciate feedback.

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Giving feedback

Comment Button

This button takes you to the CCTA Government Information Service feedback form.

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Information you can copy onto your computer

Copying other files

Some information is not presented in the code that your browser needs (known as HTML - HyperText Markup Language). Instead, you 'download' (copy onto your computer) the whole file and print it out or read it using different software. You may come across three kinds of files to download.

PDF Symbol

Files with this symbol are in PDF format, which can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat. The Acrobat reader is provided free by Adobe Systems Inc, and can be downloaded from our server .

PDF format preserves the layout of an original document, including any illustrations. You may be able to set up your browser to automatically launch Acrobat when you download a PDF file. Go to Adobe's own Acrobat help page for advice.

Files with this symbol are in Lotus 123 WK1 format, which can be imported into most popular spreadsheets. They are typically statistical or tabular files


Files with this symbol are in plain ASCII format, which can be imported into any word processor. They are usually simple text files without elaborate formatting.

Note that downloadable files tend to be larger than Web pages and may take some minutes to download. You should normally see the file size (eg, 102k, 24k etc) and experience will show you how fast your Internet link is.

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The CCTA Government Information Service uses the frames interface to help the average computer user navigate around UK Government information with as little difficulty as possible. The Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency and the CCTA Government Information Service does not claim ownership or responsibility for any of the information contained within the CCTA GIS frames.
The frames environment can be turned off at any time by returning to the CCTA GIS home page and selecting the 'no frames' option.

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Last revised: 1 January 1997