Home Office Garter Crest


Home Office Structure

Home Secretary
Jack Straw

            ___ Permanent Under-Secretary of State
 -------          -David Omand

Private Office
                                __ HM Chief Inspector of Prisons 
Sir David Ramsbotham
_______________ HM Inspectorate of Prisons
.............................__ Director, Communication 
Brian Butler
_______________ Communication Directorate
__ Director, Constitutional and Community Policy 
Carolyn Sinclair
_______________ Constitutional and Community Policy Directorate
__ Director,  
Corporate Resources 
Philippa Drew
_______________ Corporate Resources Directorate

Criminal Policy 

Director, Crime Reduction and Community Programmes
William Fittall
Director, Criminal Justice Policy 
John Halliday
Director, Sentencing and Correctional Policy
Sue Street
Criminal Policy Group
__ Director, 
Corporate Development 
David Pepper
_______________ Corporate Development Directorate
__ Director,  
Fire and Emergency Planning 
Sue Street
_______________ Fire and Emergency Planning Directorate
..__ Director General, 
Immigration and Nationality Directorate 
Timothy Walker
_______________ Immigration and Nationality Directorate
__ Director 
Organised and International Crime 
John Warne
_______________ Organised and International Crime Directorate
__ Director 
Planning and Finance 
Robert Fulton 
_______________ Planning and Finance Directorate
__ Director 
Police Policy Directorate 
Stephen Boys Smith
_______________ Police Policy Directorate
__ Director 
Research and Statistics Directorate 
Chris Nuttall
_______________ Research, Development and  Statistics Directorate
__ Legal Adviser 
Juliet Wheldon
_______________ Legal Adviser's Branch 
Home Office Ministers 

The Rt Hon Jack Straw MP  
Mr Paul Boateng MP 
The Lord Williams of Mostyn QC  
Mr Mike O'Brien MP  
Mr George Howarth MP 
Kate Hoey MP 



Fire Service College 
Prison Service Agency  
___________List of Prisons 
Forensic Science Service 
UK Passport Agency 


Police Information Technology Organisation 
Metropolitan Police Committee


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