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The Home Office and its Agencies aim to provide a prompt and courteous service when dealing with the public, but if things go wrong we will do our best to put the matter right as soon as possible. We will also be pleased to hear from you with any suggestions about how our service could be improved. The information below gives details of the main complaints procedures operating in the Home Office and its Agencies. These procedures deal with the way in which the Home Office has acted, or failed to act, within the framework of legislation and policy laid down by the Government, but not about the framework or policy itself. If you wish to make a complaint or a suggestion to an organisation that is not listed then please take the matter up directly with the person with whom you have been dealing. Say what you are unhappy about and see if anything can be done on the spot. Otherwise ask to whom you should complain. If you are not satisfied with the response you have received about your complaint you can seek an independent review where this is available. Details are set out below, or ask your Member of Parliament to take the matter up with the Parliamentary Ombudsman. We cannot, at the moment, receive or respond to complaints by e-mail, but we aim to be able to do so as new technology is introduced into the Home Office. 

If you do not receive a satisfactory result, then you can contact the Parliamentary Ombudsman (Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration) who will investigate your case.

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If you do not receive a satisfactory result, then you can contact the Parliamentary Ombudsman who will investigate your case.

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