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The Archive will be used as a facility for storing and locating documents that have been published by the Home Office over the internet but that are now no longer current. This will include consultation papers where the consultation date has passed, and similar items.

Juries in Serious Fraud Trials: A Consultation Document

Juries in Serious Fraud Trials: A Consultation Document  199Kb

Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996: introductory guide

Small-calibre pistol compensation scheme and surrender arrangements

Ethnic Minorities - funding for additional support

The Future Role and Funding of Local Civil Protection in England and Wales: A Working Document

Drug treatment and testing order: background and issues for consultation  [This document was distributed to interested
bodies as a basis for discussion. It was not published as part of a public consultation exercise]

Community Protection Order: A consultation paper

Reducing remand delays - a consultation paper

Tackling delays in the youth justice system.A consultation paper

New National and Local Focus on Youth Crime: A Consultation Paper

Racial Violence and Harassment: A consultation document

Tackling Youth Crime [consultation paper]

Getting to grips with crime: A new framework for local action

Community Safety Order: A consultation paper

Data Protection: The Government's Proposals

Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997: Section 7 Historic Arms: Guidance to the Police

Ex Gratia Payment Scheme for Small-Calibre Pistols

Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997: Large-Calibre Handgun Compensation Scheme

Preventing Children Offending: A consultation document [March 1997] - a consultation paper published under the previous Conservative administration.

The Prevention of Corruption. Consolidation and Amendment of the Prevention of Corruption Acts 1889-1916: A Government Statement

Fire Research News

Fire Safety Week 97: 29th September-4th October: Planning Guide

Digest 1: Learning from experience: good practice lessons from the Drugs Prevention Initiative

Project Charlie: An Evaluation of a Life Skills Drug Education Programme for Primary Schools

Music Against Drugs: An Evaluation of a Drugs Prevention Diversionary Activity

Amphetamine-Misusing Groups: A feasibility study of the use of peer group leaders for drug prevention work among their associates

Dealing with Diversity: Good practice in drug prevention work with racially and culturally diverse communities

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