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Information  Services Group 

Information Services Group consists of:
Information Management Section

The section manages this Home Office website on the Internet, and also certain other websites associated with the Home Office. It is responsible for the management of the Home Office Main Library in Queen Anne's Gate (see below) and the Prison Service Headquarters Library in Abell House. It also manages the Home Office Library Information System (HOLIS library catalogue database), and the Home Office thesaurus.

The web site

As part of the Home Office’s response to initiatives on open government and freedom of information, the website plays a key role in making information and publications available to the public. This has several advantages, including:

Examples of the sorts of publications or information that the Home Office considers for its website are: If you have any comments about this Website, its design and management, please email webmaster@holis.demon.co.uk . (This email address is NOT for general enquiries about the Home Office - for this see below .)

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Home Office Library

The Library holds a large stock of electronic sources, books, official and legal publications, journals, newspapers, reference material and statistics to provide information and answer enquiries from Home Office staff.. The Library is not open to the public, but has provided a list of useful resources available on the internet.

Prison Service Headquarters Library

This library serves the Prison Service Headquarters staff and Works Services Departments in prisons. Subject areas covered are penology, prison administration and prison building. Services include an enquiry service and access for researchers for reference purposes, by prior appointment (0171 217 5548).

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Publications Section

The Publications Section is the central point of contact for publications produced by the Home Office.

If you have an enquiry about publications you can either write to us or telephone between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, 9am and 12.30pm on Wednesdays.

Please note that the Section is not open to the public.

Publications Section
Room 1024
50, Queen Anne’s Gate
London SW1H 9AT
Telephone: 0171-273 3072

If your enquiry is about free publications, publicity material or circulars we will forward your letter or phone call to the section of the Home Office that deals with your request.

The Publications Section itself handles the sale and distribution of  priced Home Office publications, excluding those sold by the Stationery Office. An up-to-date sales list is available on request.

The Research Development and Statistics Directorate and the Police Research Group distribute many of their own reports. Visit their pages to find lists of their publications and instructions on how to order.

Are publications available on the internet?

Many recent publications are now available on the internet. Click here for the list of publications available on the Home Office website. Acts from 1996 onwards and Statutory Instruments from 1997 onwards are available on The Stationery Office site.

Recent Home Office press releases are available on the Central Office of Information website.

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Internal Communications Section

ICS  includes the management of the Inside Track staff newspaper, the Home Office Intranet, the Home Office Directory, and a range of internal Home Office guidance and manuals. ICS maintains and distributes the Quarterly Summary list of Home Office Circulars issued by Home Office units.

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Public Enquiry Section

This section includes the management of  Home Office correspondence. It also manages the Home Office general telephone enquiry point and the Internet email address for general public enquiries to the Home Office.

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