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The Millennium Bug: Wider Public Sector

The following pages contain information about the response to the Year 2000 computer problem of wider public sector bodies that will provide reports via the Home Office.   Further reports will be added as they are received and all will be updated on a quarterly basis.  Some smaller organisations having little dependency on their own
information technology will not be reported on.

British Board of Film Classification

Community Development Foundation

Criminal Cases Review Commission

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeals Panel

Horserace Betting Levy Board

Office of  the Data Protection Registrar

Police Complaints Authority

PITO (Police Information Technology Organisation)

Probation Unit - Projects Group (National Probation Information System)

Victim Support

For information about the response of Central Government, including the Home Office, click here.

The Exercise Planners Guide

Year 2000 Compliance: a Guide for the Police

Year 2000 Compliance: Guidance Notes for the Fire Service

Civil Protection Issue No 46, Winter 1999 Special Y2K Issue  (600Kb - this document may take some time to download)

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