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The Home Office Internet Service has received the following awards:
Hobby Bobby award The Hobby Bobby Award is given for sites of excellence and police relevance.
Hot Site! Presented for outstanding content and valuable service provided to the Internet community.
Awarded for good design and graphics
Medaille D'Or Award 
"This is the businesslike yet attractive site of the UK Government Department responsible for internal affairs in England and Wales. There is a wealth of information here, of interest to the casual browser and serious researcher alike."
Critical Mass Award Awarded for useful content, good design and presentation, and easy navigation.
GAR award Awarded for graphic quality, site organization and overall attractiveness.
Gold Award Awarded for good basic design
Hotspot Internet Award General award, awarded monthly to the top 5 sites submitted to the competition
Nomination Members WS Award General award
Webguide Weekly Pick Award Awarded for good design and content
Crazy Monkey Award Awarded for simple navigational structure and useful content. 
Worth a Peek Award General award
Award to internet excellence Given to sites that offer good information, all within the use of an outstanding design.
Awarded to sites with useful content, good presentation and easy navigation
Safe Site Award SAFE SITE AWARD is for those sites that are family-friendly.  They are free of profanity, violence, prejudice, bad punctuation, noxious fumes, salacious stories, and scary stuff.

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