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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Internet Explorer 5/6 - browser settings

Practical help with adjusting the settings in your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser to make the screen easier to read

Increasing the size of the text

Some users find screen text easier to read by increasing the size that the text is displayed.

To do this in Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to the 'View menu', select 'Text Size' and then select either 'Larger' or 'Largest'.

Changing the display on the screen

Tick the box 'Ignore colors specified on Web pages'

Internet Explorer provides other ways in which you can fine-tune how a Directgov page displays on your screen.

For example you can remove the background colours and choose which colours to have text, links and visited links displayed. 

You can make these changes by:

  1. Going to the 'Tools' menu at the top of the page
  2. Selecting 'Internet Options...' from that menu
  3. Clicking the 'Accessibility...' button

Then tick the box 'Ignore colors specified on Web pages'. 

Then click the 'OK' button. This will switch off the background colours in Directgov.

You can choose the colours of text and links

Un-tick the box 'Use Windows colors'.  You can then specify which colours you would prefer to be displayed for the text and for links. 

You can also specify colours to be used for links your have previously visited and links when your mouse hovers over them.

More details on accessibility in Internet Explorer

Microsoft publishes detailed information on the accessibility features of the Internet Explorer 6 web browser and other Microsoft software.

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