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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Future Jobs Fund

Jobcentre Plus is offering support to help young people find work through the Young Person's Guarantee. Future Jobs Fund is part of this, creating new community focused job opportunities to help you find work. Find out who is eligible and how to find opportunities.

What is the Future Jobs Fund?

Community focused jobs will be created around the country for young people. The jobs will last for at least six months and will give you valuable work experience.

Who is eligible for the Future Jobs Fund?

Your Jobcentre Plus adviser may suggest you apply for one of these jobs if you are aged 18 to 24 and you have been getting Jobseeker's Allowance for six months or more.

You will:

  • be paid the national minimum wage or more
  • work for a minimum of 25 hours a week

The jobs will last for at least six months.

How will the Future Jobs Fund help?

If you are finding it difficult to find a job, taking up one of these opportunities will help you to:

  • gain experience
  • increase your confidence
  • develop your skills
  • make a real difference in your local community

Types of opportunities

Some examples of the types of opportunities available are:

  • adult learning assistant
  • community refurbishment
  • garden and horticulture
  • health care workers
  • sustainability support officer
  • trainee money advice worker

Case Studies

Read the case studies below for examples of how the Future Jobs Fund has helped people gain new skills and experience.

Gemma Golding

"When my adviser told me about the Future Jobs Fund vacancy with the council I couldn’t believe it - I was really excited as it was my perfect job, and on my doorstep too. I was ecstatic when I heard I’d got the job. My mum and dad were so pleased too. It seems like I'm being rewarded at last for all the hard work I've put in."

Lyndon Jenkins

"Being unemployed used to get me down. It's great to be back in work and have the chance to put things back into the community. Just having something to do daily makes you feel better, and I'm looking forward to getting more experience and gaining some qualifications."

Turning down Future Jobs Fund opportunities

Jobcentre Plus may stop your Jobseeker’s Allowance if you don't meet the conditions for getting it. This could happen if you:

  • turn down an offer of work
  • don't apply for any job
  • leave a job without good reason
  • lose your job because of the way you behave

How to find out more

Your Jobcentre Plus adviser will discuss these options and others and explain how they work. They can also offer help with travel and childcare costs.

You will normally be expected to take up one of these options before you reach ten months on benefit.

Provided by Jobcentre Plus

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