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The future of the healthcare science workforce. Modernising scientific careers, the next steps: a consultation

  • Launch date:
    26 November 2008
  • Closing date:
    6 March 2009
  • Creator/s:
    Department of Health
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Science and innovation are at the heart of high quality healthcare for patients and the public in the 21st century, underpinning the development and implementation of new, safe and effective diagnostics and treatments which have a major impact on health, wellbeing and on overall experience of the health and social care system.  It is the healthcare scientist (HCS) workforce which makes the benefits of science and technology a reality for patients.

This consultation document sets out proposals to transform the future training and career pathways of the healthcare science workforce. These proposals  have been developed as the result of detailed discussions with nearly 3,000 stakeholders. This UK initiative will be taken forward by the four countries in partnership with all major stakeholders, including patient groups, to ensure that the healthcare science workforce is fit for the future in a rapidly changing and evolving healthcare environment.

The document proposes clearer pathways into healthcare science careers defined through three stages, with the ability to progress between them, subject to achievement of requisite entry requirements:

  • Healthcare Science Assistant
  • Healthcare Scientist Practitioner
  • Healthcare Scientist

We welcome responses to the electronic consultation from all with an interest in delivering high quality care to patients, which is inextricably linked to the future of the healthcare science workforce, and its central role in supporting and delivering that care.

Consultation document

Due to technical difficulties, the consultation document has been unavailable for a short period following its launch. As a result the closing date for the consultation period has been extended to 6 March 2009.

Consultation questionnaire

We recommend that a Personal Computer (PC) based browser is used to operate the consultation questionnaire, as it has been developed using PC (Personal Computer) browser technology (such as Internet Explorer V6.x, Firefox V3.x and Opera V9.x), therefore, using Apple browsers (such as Safari) may result in users encountering difficulties.

Consultation closes: 6 March 2009

  • Contact:
    Professor Sue Hill, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Address:
    Department of Health
    Rm 526, Richmond House
    79 Whitehall
    London SW1A 2NS
  • Phone:
    020 7210 5779

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