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Pregnancy Advice Bureaux

  • Last modified date:
    5 March 2010

There are a number of organisations advertised in phone directories and on the internet offering free pregnancy testing and counselling. Some of these organisations do not refer women for termination of pregnancy. We would advise women to check this before making an appointment.

Women wishing to seek an NHS-funded abortion should visit a GP, community contraceptive or young people's clinic, sexual health clinic or walk-in centre for referral for termination of pregnancy. In some areas women can refer themselves to the termination of pregnancy service. Contact details can be found in local telephone directories or by contacting the local Primary Care Trust.

Women wishing to seek a privately-funded abortion can refer themselves to approved independent sector places via registered pregnancy advice bureaux or a registered medical practitioner. Contact details can be found in local telephone directories.

In addition, you can get advice, including contact numbers for independent sector providers from:

fpa 0845 310 1334
Sexual Health Line 0800 567 123
NHS Direct 0845 4647

Register of Pregnancy Advice Bureaux

The Secretary of State maintains a register of Pregnancy Advice Bureaux. Independent sector places approved by the Secretary of State to provide treatment for termination of pregnancy may only accept patients referred from Bureaux on the register.

The Secretary of State will consider the registration of a Pregnancy Advice Bureau, if proprietors undertake to comply with Required Standard Operating Principles, detailed in the document below, Procedures For The Registration Of Pregnancy Advice Bureaux.

Failure to comply with the Required Standard Operating Principles, or to maintain the standards required by the Secretary of State, may lead to withdrawal of approval.

The following Pregnancy Advice Bureaux have all been registered:

  • BPAS Amersham Branch
  • BPAS Basingstoke Branch
  • BPAS Bath Branch
  • BPAS Bedford Consultation Centre
  • BPAS Birmingham Branch
  • BPAS Blackdown Branch
  • BPAS Bournemouth Branch
  • BPAS Brighton Branch
  • BPAS Cannock Branch
  • BPAS Central London Branch
  • BPAS Chester Branch
  • BPAS Coventry Branch
  • BPAS Doncaster Branch
  • BPAS Finsbury Park Branch
  • BPAS Hastings Branch
  • BPAS Leeds Branch
  • BPAS Leicester Branch
  • BPAS Leigham Lodge, London
  • BPAS Luton Branch
  • BPAS Merseyside Clinic
  • BPAS Milton Keynes Central Branch
  • BPAS Newcastle
  • BPAS Peterborough Branch
  • BPAS Richmond Branch
  • BPAS Robert Clinic
  • BPAS Swindon Branch
  • BPAS Telford Branch
  • BPAS Torquay Branch
  • BPAS Wigan
  • BPAS Wolverhampton
  • Calthorpe Clinic, Birmingham
  • Marie Stopes Blackpool Centre
  • Marie Stopes Bristol Centre
  • Marie Stopes Canterbury Centre
  • Marie Stopes Ealing Centre
  • Marie Stopes Essex Centre
  • Marie Stopes House, London
  • Marie Stopes Leeds Centre
  • Marie Stopes Maidstone Centre
  • Marie Stopes Manchester Centre
  • Marie Stopes Preston Centre
  • Marie Stopes Reading Centre
  • Marie Stopes South London
  • Marie Stopes South London Centre
  • Marie Stopes Uxbridge Road Centre, London
  • Marie Stopes Woking Centre
  • Pregnancy Advisory Service, Blackpool
  • Pregnancy Advisory Service, Bolton
  • Pregnancy Advisory Service, East Cheshire
  • Pregnancy Advisory Service, East Midlands (Nottingham)
  • Pregnancy Advisory Service, Manchester
  • Pregnancy Advisory Services, South Manchester (Stockport)
  • Pregnancy Advisory Service, Stoke
  • Pregnancy Advisory Service, Wolverhampton

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