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Alcohol misuse

The Department of Health is responsible for Government health policy on alcohol misuse. Regularly drinking above the recommended daily limits for lower risk drinking of 2-3 units for women and 3-4 units for men, significantly increases the risk of ill health.  

It is vital that action is taken to improve the health of those who regularly drink above the recommended daily limits for lower risk drinking and to protect those whose health and well-being suffer because of the drinking of others.

You can find further information about the Department’s work in the pages below.

The Home Office works with the Police to enforce the law relating to alcohol-related crime and disorder, especially focusing on problem premises and under-age sales.

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The Home Office has published the Government response to consultation on the new code for alcohol retailers.

Alcohol Effects Campaign

New campaign highlights the unseen damage that can be caused by regularly drinking more than the NHS advises.

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