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Choosing Health: Making healthy choices easier

  • Document type:
    Command paper
  • Author:
    Department of Health
  • Published date:
    16 November 2004
  • Primary audience:
    Public,Older people,Parents,Professionals
  • Alternative title:
    Public Health White Paper
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    Cm 6374
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This White Paper sets out the key principles for supporting the public to make healthier and more informed choices in regards to their health. The Government will provide information and practical support to get people motivated and improve emotional wellbeing and access to services so that healthy choices are easier to make.


For each of us, one of the most important things in life is our own and our family' s health. I believe that this concern, and the responsibility that we each take for our own health, should be the basis for improving the health of everyone across the nation.

This Government is committed to sustaining an ethos of fairness and equity - good health for everyone in England. We are already taking action throughout society to tackle the causes of illhealth and reduce inequalities. Choosing health sets out how we will work to provide more of the opportunities, support and information people want to enable them to choose health. It aims to inform and encourage people as individuals, and to help shape the commercial and cultural environment we live in so that it is easier to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Small changes in the choices people make can make a big difference. Taken together, these changes can lead to huge improvements in health across society. But changes need to be based on choices, not direction. We are clear that Government cannot - and should not - pretend it can 'make' the population healthy. But it can - and should - support people in making better choices for their health and the health of their families. It is for people to make the healthy choice if they wish to. Choosing health sets out what this Government will do to help them.

We will build on the work of this White Paper at every level, from support for individuals right up to engaging the entire nation through events like the London 2012 Olympic Bid. I believe that Choosing health will be a major step in making the improvement of everyone's health everyone's concern.

Tony Blair
Prime Minister

Published by The Stationery Office

Foreword & contents
Chapter 1: The time for action on health and health inequalities
Chapter 2: Health in the consumer society
Chapter 3: Children and young people - starting on the right path
Chapter 4: Local communities leading for health
Chapter 5: Health as a way of life
Chapter 6: A health-promoting NHS
Chapter 7: Work and Health
Chapter 8: Making it happen - national and local delivery
Annex A: Choosing Health? consultation
Annex B: Making it happen

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