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Inside Outside: Improving mental health services for black and minority ethnic communities in England

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    Professor S. P. Sashidharan, North Birmingham Mental Health Trust (for the National Institute of Mental Health)
  • Published date:
    10 March 2003
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    Crown copyright

The report, launched by Health Minister Jacqui Smith on 10 March 2003, signals an important step forward to support the reform of mental health services for people from black and minority ethnic communities in this country. It was prepared by a group of experts under the chairmanship of Professor Sashi Sashidharan, Medical Director of North Birmingham Mental Health Trust on behalf of the Mental Health Taskforce. In the report, Prof. Sashidharan sets out three key objectives and recommendations for change to improve the overall mental health of black and minority ethnic people living in England:

  • To reduce and eliminate ethnic inequalities in mental health service experience and outcome.
  • To develop the cultural capability of mental health services
  • To engage the community and build capacity through community development workers.

To help implement the recommendations from 'Inside Outside', the National Institute for Mental Health in England will issue a blueprint for implementation, for consultation in late spring. A major consultation exercise with black and minority ethnic communities is currently being carried out, the results of which will help inform the guidance.

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