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Person centred planning has 5 key features

1. The person is at the centre

If someone is in the centre of something, they are the most important person. This means that other people cannot be more powerful or make decisions about the person's life that they do not agree with.

Some ways of making sure this happens are:

  • The person chooses who is involved and who to invite to meetings
  • The person is asked what they want
  • The person chooses where and when meetings are held

2. Family members and friends are key partners in planning

Person centred planning is about supporting people to be part of their community. Friends, family and other people in our community are important people in our lives. Their views and ideas can help people to develop their plans

3. The plan shows what is important to the key person (now or for the future). It shows their strengths and what support they need

Person centred planning is a way of understanding more about a person and their life. As people plan together, important things can happen:

  • Supporters may change what they think about a person and what they can do
  • People make friends and build relationships with each other
  • People involved are able to work better together to make things happen

The person centred plan will then describe what is important to the person, their strengths and the support they need to make things happen.

4. The plan helps the person to be a part of their community and helps the community to welcome them. It is not just about services. It shows what is possible, not just what is on offer.

Person centred planning is about everyone working together to make things happen. The plans should always help the person be more involved in their community. This means that services will only be a part of what people want and need. Most important is for people to plan the type of life they want

5. Things do not just stop when the first plan is written. Everyone involved keeps on listening, learning and making things happen. Putting the plan into action helps the person to achieve what they want out of life.

Person centred planning is not something that just happens once. People change as their experiences change. The support and help they need may also change. Person centred planning is a promise to people that problems can be solved and differences can be worked out. It means that everyone needs to work together to make changes happen:

  • In the person's life
  • In their community
  • In organisations and services
  • To do this means learning from what works and what does not work.

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