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Annual report of the Chief Medical Officer 2002

Health Check: On the state of the public health

  • Document type:
    Annual report
  • Author:
    Department of Health, Chief Medical Officer
  • Published date:
    3 July 2003
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  • Copyright holder:
    Crown Copyright

This annual report highlights selected health issues from 2002 and the actions taken to overcome health problems.

'On the State of Public Health' provides an assessment of a number of important issues where significant improvements in health can be achieved by sustained action. The report offers a new perspective on five subject areas. It analyses the effectiveness of current treatments and services, describes Government action in these areas and identifies action necessary to bring about improvement. The five chapters of the report examine: the health risks of second-hand smoke (passive smoking); West Nile virus; Obesity; Poor clinical performance and the safe administration of intrathecal chemotherapy.

The report also highlights a specific issue which warrants local investigation or action in each of the nine Government Office Regions. In addition the 2002 report also charts the very substantial progress that has been made on the recommendations in last year's report. These focused on health inequalities, high blood pressure, E.coli O157, epilepsy, alcohol and liver cirrhosis.

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