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Reorganisation of ambulance trusts, SHAs and PCTs

  • Last modified date:
    13 October 2009

Ambulance trusts, strategic health authorities (SHAs) and Primary care trusts (PCTs) are being reorganised as part of the Government's drive to create a patient led NHS.

Ambulance trusts

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On 1 July 2006, NHS ambulance trusts in England merged to create a total of 12.

Staffordshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust will continue to operate as a separate trust, but will work in partnership with the new West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust. The two trusts will merge at a later date.

These changes have resulted in ambulance trusts being able to work more closely with organisations such as the NHS and police and fire services. It has also resulted in a more efficient use of resources and better opportunities for staff.

Strategic health authorities

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The number of SHAs in England was reduced from 28 down to 10 on 1 July 2006.

Fewer, more strategic organisations have helped deliver stronger commissioning functions, that have led to improved services for patients and better value for the taxpayer.

Primary care trusts

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The number of PCTs in England was reduced from 303 to 152 on 1 October 2006. The reduction has resulted in:

* a closer relationship between health, social care and emergency services

* improved and better value services for patients

* better emergency planning with more resources to respond to major incidents and ensure service continues as normal

* more money for frontline services.

View a list of the 152 PCTs operating in England:

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