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Consultation on the inclusion of cigarette papers within the scope of the proposed EU Directive on tobacco advertising and sponsorship

  • Launch date:
    1 May 2002
  • Closing date:
    5 July 2002
  • Creator/s:
    Department of Health
  • Audience:
    Health and social care professionals
  • Copyright holder:

1. On 30 May 2001 the European Commission presented its revised proposal for a Directive on tobacco advertising and sponsorship. In August 2001 the Government issued a consultation document in respect of this proposal.

2. The proposal initially concerned tobacco products, defined as 'all products intended to be smoked, sniffed, sucked or chewed'. However during discussions on the proposal, other Member States have suggested that any restrictions on the advertising and sponsorship of tobacco products should also include cigarette papers.

This document invites comments solely on this point. Subject to any comments received, the United Kingdom Government is minded to support the inclusion of cigarette papers within the scope of any Directive. Since this is a reconsultation on an amendment to a previous proposal the time available for consultation is limited and we are therefore seeking replies within one month. We have sent copies of this document to all those who replied to the earlier consultation in case this change affects the views they expressed earlier.

The Government believes that there is strong evidence which suggests that a comprehensive ban on the advertising of tobacco products would lead to a small but significant fall in consumption and to a reduction in the number of deaths caused by smoking.

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