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Consultation on the future of tobacco control: consultation report: December 2008

  • Launch date:
    31 May 2008
  • Closing date:
    8 September 2008
  • Creator/s:
    Department of Health
  • Copyright holder:
  • Gateway number:
  • Outcome published:
    9 December 2008

A report on the consultation on the future of tobacco control.

The Department of Health published a consultation paper entitled 'Consultation on the future of tobacco control', on 31 May 2008. This consultation was the first step in developing a new national tobacco control strategy, and covered four main areas:

  • Reducing smoking rates and health inequalities caused by smoking;
  • Protecting children and young people from smoking;
  • Supporting smokers to quit; and
  • Helping those who cannot quit

The consultation closed on 8 September and this report summarises the responses which were received.  It aims to provide a representative summary of all the responses, drawing out key themes and messages.  The consultation report has been provided to Ministers to support their decision-making on future tobacco control policy. 

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