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NHS support for non-commercial externally funded R&D

  • Last modified date:
    19 November 2010

Other funding bodies sponsor R&D within the NHS, which benefits patients. The Health Services Guidelines, HSG(97)32, published in 1997 defines the circumstances under which the NHS support non-commercial externally funded R&D by meeting associated patient care costs. Guidance on the distinction between research costs, NHS support costs and treatments costs, ARCO was published in December 2005.

Elements of this guidance were clarified in April 2009 with the publication of DH Guidance on funding excess treatment costs related to non-commercial research studies and applying for a subvention.

A Concordat between the UK Health Departments and the Medical Research Council (MRC) explains arrangements between the NHS and MRC (with the Health Departments ensuring that the NHS meets legitimate service support and treatment costs associated with MRC funded research); there are similar agreements with other Research Councils. Click here to see the Concordat document between Department of Health and the Medical Research Council.

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