Recommendation 51: Recognising best practice: a national Kitemark for employers

Recommendation 51: The professions, the Government, trade unions and the third sector should agree an Internship Quality Kitemark scheme for high-quality internship programmes. The Kitemark should set out the criteria that a high-quality internship placement should meet (based on the common best practice code for high-quality internships proposed in recommendation 47).

Government response

Accept. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills is examining existing standards, such as the National Council for Work Experience’s Quality Mark and Internocracy’s Star Internship Programme (I.SIP), as well as the best practices proposals indicated in recommendation 47, and the Gateways to the Professions Collaborative Forum will provide views on the development of a Kitemark scheme.

Lead: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Implementation date: We will work with appropriate bodies towards a target date of July 2010.

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