Charges for official controls in meat premises ('The Charges Guide')

The Food Standards Agency provides a range of services in approved meat premises across Great Britain. Some of these services are currently paid for by other Government departments, for example, checks on animal by product controls. Other services are charged to food business operators (FBOs).

About the Charges Guide

Applies to England and Wales

The charges guide aims to assist FBOs in understanding:

  • why charges are made for the services that we provide
  • who and what the FSA charges
  • what is included in the charges
  • how the charges that will be made for service provided by the FSA are calculated
  • the ways that FBOs can reduce their charges
  • the frequency with which FBOs will be billed for these services
  • the methods by which FBOs can pay for charges and when payment is due
  • what to do if FBOs are unhappy with their charges

The full guide is available at the link below.

Meat Official Controls Charges Calculator

To assist Food Business Operators (FBOs) considering changes to their businesses which may impact on FSA charges, a calculator is available to provide indicative estimates.

FBOs considering changes to their operating hours and/or practices can use this calculator before meeting with FSA field managers to find out how the changes could affect their charges for official controls. The calculator has been divided into three sections to provide indicative estimates for red meat slaughterhouses, poultry slaughterhouses and game handling establishments.

Please note that this tool can be used to calculate estimates for 2018/19 only.

Statement of Resources guidance

Applies in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland


The guidance, which can be found at the link below, is to support Food Business Operators in Great Britain to work with the Food Standards Agency to develop a Statement of Resources setting out how their establishment will operate in terms of hours and throughput, and the FSA resources required.

The guidance is for:

  • Manufacturers and processors

Legal status

Individual Food Business Operators are required to state their operating hours to the FSA for official controls purposes and agree staffing resources under the Charges Regulations.