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WO 311/510

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The following information adds to the details given in The National Archives' Catalogue for WO 311/510

Ravensbrück | Ravensbruck |Ravensbrueck Uckermark Jugendschulungslager, Germany: ill-treatment of female allied nationals. WCG(NWE) Case investigation file.

otherwise known as

Ravensbrück | Ravensbruck |Ravensbrueck Jugendschulungs-Lager, Germany, Case No III

Original reference is BAOR/WCG/15228/11/7/Legal subsequently MD/JAG/FS/76/217 and also WCG/C90/FIS [Field Investigation Section]

Has ID photos of

  • Ruth Closius 500702 (otherwise Ruth Closius formerly Neudeck nee Hartmann born 1920 July 5)
  • Margarethe Rabe 105126 (otherwise Margarethe Marie Rabe born 1923 October 2)
  • Elfriede Mohnecke 105116 (otherwise Elfriede Hildegard Mohnecke born 1922 March 2)
  • Hanna Braach 500586 (otherwise Johanna Braach born 1907 May 16)
  • Lotte Toberentz 500587 (otherwise Maria Charlotte Toberentz born 1900 May 27)
  • Joseph Bertl [Josef Bertl](born 1914 August 30)
Contains depositions in German and Dutch with English translations.

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