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Second World War Diaries Abbreviations

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This article was originally one of a set of memoranda available only on paper in The National Archives' reading rooms. It acted as a signpost to records of interest on a particular historical subject. It may have been compiled many years ago and could be out of date. Please feel free to edit this page to improve the information

This memorandum was originally written in August 1992



AA Anti-aircraft or Army Act
AA Army Act or Anti-Aircraft
AAC Army Air Corps
AAD Advance Ammunition Depot
AB Army Book
ACC Army Catering Corps
accn Accommodation
ACI Army Council Instruction
ack Acknowledge, acknowledged or acknowledgment
ACV Armoured Command Vehicle
AD CORPS Army Dental Corps
addrsd Addressed
adjt Adjutant
adm Administration or administrative
ADS Advanced dressing station
adv Advance or advanced
AEC Army Educational Corps
AF Army Form [usually followed by an identification number]
AFV Armoured Fighting Vehicle(s)
AG Adjutant General
AG Anti-Gas
AGRA Army Group, Royal Artillery
AGRE Army Group, Royal Engineers
airtps Airborne troops
ALG Advanced Landing Ground
ALO Air Liaison Officer
AL sec Air Liaison Section
amb ambulance
amn ammunition
annx Annexure
AO Army Order
AOC Air Officer Commanding
AOD Advanced Ordnance Depot
AP Ammunition Point or armour piercing
AP armour piercing or Ammunition Point
APM Assistant Provost Marshal
APM (ATS)Assistant Provost Marshal (Auxiliary Territorial Service)
A per Anti-personnel
APIS Army Photographic Interpretation Section
APO Army Post Office
approx Approximately or approximate
appx Appendix
APS Army Postal Service
APTC Army Physical Training Corps
ARG Armoured Replacement Group
ARH Ammunition Rail Head
armd armoured
armd C armoured car
ARO Army Routine Order
ARP Air Raid Precautions or Ammunition Refilling Point
ARP Ammunition Refilling Point or Air Raid Precautions
art wks coy Artizan works company
arty artillery
arty R artillery reconnaissance
ASD Ammunition Sub Depot
A & SH Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)
aslt sssault
ASSU Air Support Signal Unit
AT Animal Transport or Anti-Tank
ATI Army Training Instruction
Atk or A/tk Anti-tank
ATM Army Training Memorandum
Atps Army Troops
ATS Auxiliary Territorial Service
att Attach, attached or attachment
Aust Australia or Australian
aux auxiliary or auxiliaries
AVRE Assault Vehicle, Royal Engineers
AWD Advanced Workshop Detachment
BAD Base Ammunition Depot
BAYS Queen's Bays (2nd Dragoon Guards)
BBP Bulk Breaking Point
BC Battery Commander
BD Base Depot or Bomb Disposal
BD Bomb Disposal or Base Depot
bde Brigade
bdr Bombardier
bdy Boundary
BED HERTS Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment
BMA Beach Maintenance Area
bn Battalion
BOD Base Ordnance Depot
bomrep Bombing report
BOP Battery Observation Post
BORDER Border Regiment
BOWO Brigade Ordnance Warrant Officer
BQMS Battery Quartermaster Serjeant
br bridge or bridging
BRECKNOCK Brecknockshire Battalion, South Wales Borderers (TA)
Brit British
BSD Base Supply Depot
BSM Battery Serjeant-Major
B sup airfd Base supply airfield
bty Battery
BU Bath Unit
BUCKS Buckinghamshire Battalion, Oxfordshire & Buckingham
BUFFS Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment)
BW Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment)
B wksp Base workshop
CA Civil Affairs or Coast Artillery
CA Coast Artillery or Civil Affairs
cam camouflage or camouflaged
CAMBS Cambridgeshire Regiment (TA)
CAMERONS Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
CAMERONIANS Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
capt Captain
cas casualty (ies)
cav Cavalry
CB Confinement to barracks or Counter Battery
CB Counter Battery or confinement to barracks
CBO Counter Battery Officer
CCP Casualty Collecting Post
CCS Casualty Clearing Station
C comd Chief Commander [of ATS]
C contr Chief Controller [of ATS]
CD Coast Defence
Cda Canada
CDI Command Driver Increment
Cdn Canadian
cdo Commando
CF Chaplain to the forces
cfn Craftsman or craftsmen
chem Chemical
CHESHIRE Cheshire Regiment
civ Civil or civilian
CL Centre Line
CMP Corps of Military Police
CMP(TC)Corps of Military Police (Traffic Control)
CMP(VP)Corps of Military Police (Vulnerable Points)
CO Commanding officer
col Colonel
COLDM GDS Coldstream Guards
coln column
comd Command, commanded, commandant or commander
comn communication
comp composite
conc concentrate, concentrated or concentration
Con R Contact reconnaissance
constr Construct, constructed or construction
Contr Controller
COO Chief Ordnance Officer
coord co-ordinate, co-ordinated, co-ordinating or co-ordination
coy Company
cpl Corporal
CQMS Company Quartermaster Serjeant
CS Close Support
cse course [of instruction]
CSM Company Serjeant-Major
C tps Corps troops
CV Command Vehicle
CW Chemical Warfare
cwt Hundredweight(s)
D & M Driving & Maintenance
DCLI Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
decn decontamination
def Defend, defended, defence or defensive
del Deliver, delivered or delivery
dep Depot
DAPM Deputy Assistant Provost Marshal
DERBY YEO Derbyshire Yeomanry (TA)
derv fuel Diesel engined road vehicle fuel
det Detach, detached or detachment
DEVON Devonshire Regiment
DF Defensive fire or direction finding
DF Direction Finding or defensive fire
3 DG 3rd Carabiniers (Prince of Wales Dragoon Guards)
4/7 DG 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards
5DG 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards
22 DGNS 22nd Dragoons
25 DGNS 25th Dragoons
DID Detail Issue Depot
disP Disposal Point
dist District
div Division or divisional
DLI Durham Light Infantry
DORSET Dorsetshire Regiment
DP Delivery point
DPM Deputy Provost Marshal
DR or Don R Despatch Rider or motor-cyclist
DR motor-cyclist or Despatch Rider
DRLS Despatch Rider Letter Service
DS Dressing Station
dvr driver
dvr i/c Driver - internal combustion
DWR Duke of Wellington's Regiment (West Riding)
DZ Dropping zone
EA East Africa, East African or enemy aircraft
ech Echelon
EF Expeditionary force
eg For example
E LAN R East Lancashire Regiment
EME Electrical mechanical engineer
emp Employ, employed or employment
engr Engineer
eqpt Equipment
E RIDING YEO East Riding Yeomanry (TA)
ESO Embarkation staff officer
ESSEX Essex Regiment
est Establish, established or establishment
etc And so on or and the rest
evac Evacuate, evacuated or evacuation
excl Exclude, excluded, excluding or exclusive
E YORKS East Yorkshire Regiment (Duke or York's Own)
FBE Folding boat equipment
fd Field
fd bchy Field butchery and cold storage depot
fd bky Field bakery
FDL Ford ward defended locality
FDS Field dressing station
FF Field force or fire fighting
FF Fire fighting or field force
FF YEO Fife and Forfar Yeomanry (TA)
FGCM Field general court-martial
fit Flight
FMA Forward maintenance area
fmn Formation
FOO Forward Observation Officer
FORESTERS Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment)
freq Frequency
FS Field service or field security
F sp Flash spotting
FSPB Field service pocket book
FSS Fixed signal service
FSU Field surgical unit
ft Foot or feet
FTU Field transfusion unit
FUP Forming up place
fus Fusilier(s)
fwd Forward or forwarded


gal Gallon
GCM General court-martial
gd guard
gdsm Guardsman or Guardsmen
gdsn Guardsman or Guardsmen
gen/ Gen general or General [As in military rank]
GHQ General Headquarters
GLAS H Glasgow Highlanders (TA)
GLIDER P REGT Glider Pilot Regiment [More usually GPR]
GLOSTERS Gloucestershire Regiment
gnr Gunner
GORDONS Gordons Highlanders
GPO Gun Position Officer
GPR Glider Pilot Regiment
gp Group
GREEN HOWARDS Green Howards (Alexandra, Princess of Wales Own Yorkshire Regiment)
GREN GDS Grenadier Guards
GREYS Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons)
grn Garrison
GRO General Routine Order
GS General service or General Staff
GSO General Staff Officer (with Arabic or Roman enumeration appended to show grade)
GSC General Service Corps
GT coy General transport company
3H 3rd King's Own Hussars
4H 4th Queen's Own Hussars
7H 7th Queen's Own Hussars
8H 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars
10H 10th Royal Hussars (Prince of Wales's Own)
11H 11th Hussars (Prince Albert's Own)
13/18H 13th/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary's Own)
14/20H 14th/20th King's Hussars
15/19H 15th/19th King's Royal Hussars
23H 23rd Hussars
HAA Heavy Anti-Aircraft
HALLAMSHallamshire Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment (TA)
HAMPS Hampshire Regiment
HD Home Defence or horse drawn
HD Horse drawn or home defence
HE High explosive
HEREFORD Herefordshire Regiment (TA)
HERTS Hertfordshire Regiment (TA)
HOFOR Home Forces
HF Harrassing fire or high frequency [Very occasionally Home Forces]
HF High frequency or harrassing fire
HG Home Guard
HIGHLAND R Highland Regiment
HLI Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment)
hosp Hospital
how Howitzer
HP High power or horse power
HP Horse power or high power
HQ Headquarter(s)
hr hour
HT High tension or horsed transport
HT Horsed transport or high tension
hy heavy
hyg hygiene
IA Indian Army
IC In charge or internal combustion
IC Internal combustion or in charge of
ie Namely, or that is to say
ie That is to say, or namely
IG Irish Guards
in inch
incl Include, included, including or inclusive
Ind India or Indian
indep Independent
inf Infantry
infm Inform, informed or information
INNISKS Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
INNS OF COURT Inns of Court Regiment
instr Instruct, instructed, instruction or instructor
int Intelligence
INT CORPS Intelligence Corps
intercomm Intercommunication
IO Intelligence officer
IOO Inspecting Ordnance Officer
IS Internal security
IWT Inland Water Transport
junc Junction
J comd Junior Commander [of ATS]
KDG 1st King's Dragoon Guards
KENSINGTONS Kensington Regiment (TA)
KINGS King's Regiment (Liverpool)
KING'S OWN King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster)
KOSB King's Own Scottish Borderers
KOYLI King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
KRRC King's Royal Rifle Corps
KSLI King's Shropshire Light Infantry
9L 9th Queen's Royal Lancers
12L 12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's)
16/5L 16th/5th Lancers
17/21L 17th/21st Lancers
24L 24th Lancers
27L 27th Lancers
LAA Light Anti-Aircraft
lab Laboratory or labour
LAD Light Aid Detachment
1b Pound(s)
L Bdr or L/Bdr Lance-Bombardier
L Cpl or L/Cpl Lance-Corporal
Ldg Landing
LEICESTERS Leicestershire Regiment
LF Lancashire Fusiliers
LG Life Guards
LINCOLNS Lincolnshire Regiment
LIR London Irish Rifles (TA)
LIVPL SCOT Liverpool Scottish (TA)
LMG Light machine gun
LO Liaison Officer
L of C Line, or lines of communication
LOND SCOT London Scottish (TA)
lor Lorried or lorryborne
lor Lorryborne or lorried
LOTHIANS Lothians and Border Yeomanry (TA)
LOVATS Lovat Scouts (TA)
LOWLAND R Lowland Regiment
LOYALS Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire)
L Sjt or L/Sjt Lance-Serjeant
Lt Lieutenant or light
Lt Light or lieutenant
LT Line telegraphy or low tension
LT Low tension or line telegraphy
LZ Landing zone
MA Military assistant or Military Attache
MAC Motor Ambulance Convoy
mag Magazine or magnetic
mag Magnetic or magazine
maint Maintain, maintained or maintenance
maj major or Major [as in rank]
MANCH Manchester Regiment
MC Motor-cycle or Movement Control
MC Movement Control or motor-cycle
mech Mechanic, mechanical or mechanized
med Medium or medical
met Meteorological or meteorology
MFO Military Forwarding Officer
MFPS Mobile Field Photographic Section
MG Machine gun
mih Miles in the hour
mil military
min minute
mi2h Miles in two hours
mk Mark
MLBU Mobile Laundry and Bath Unit
MMG Medium machine gun
MO Medical Officer
mob Mobile or mobilization
MON Monmouthshire Regiment (TA)
mot Motor or motorized
mov Movement
MP Meeting point or Military Police
MP Military Police or meeting point
mph miles per hour
MPSC Military Provost Staff Corps
msg message
MT Mechanical Transport
mtd mounted
mtn mountain
MTP Military Training Pamphlet
MX Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own)


NCC Non-Combatant Corps
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer
NF Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
Nfld Newfoundland
NIH North Irish Horse
NORFOLK Royal Norfolk Regiment
NORTHAMPTONS Northamptonshire Regiment
NOTTS YEO Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (TA)
N STAFFS North Staffordshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales's)
N YEO Northamptonshire Yeomanry
NZ New Zealand
OBD Ordnance Beach Detachment
OC Officer Commanding
offr officer
OIC or Oi/c Officer-in-charge (of)
OO Operation Order or Ordnance Officer
OP Observation Post
op Operate, operated, operation, operational or operator
OR Other Rank(s) [ie, below the rank of Warrant Officer]
ord Ordnance
org Organize, organized or organization
OXF BUCKS Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
oz ounce(s)
PAD Passive Air Defence
para parachute or pargraph
para paragraph or parachute- more usually pct -parachutist or parachute
Para Paratrooper
PARA Prefixed by Arabic number indicates Battalion of The Parachute Regiment
PARA REGT The Parachute Regiment
Pax Paratroopers or personnel deployed by parachute
pet petrol
Ph photograph or photographic
photogrid Gridded vertical air photograph
photogrid Photograph, vertical air, gridded
photogrod Vertical air photograph, gridded
Ph R Photographic reconnaissance
Pk Park
PM Provost Marshal
pmr Paymaster
pnr Pioneer
Pnr Corps Pioneer Corps
pl platoon
PO Post Office
POL Petrol, Oil and Lubricants
posn position
PP Petrol Point
pr pounder
PRH Petrol Rail Head
Pro Provost
PRP Petrol Refilling Point
PSO Public Safety Officer
pt point
pte or pvt Private
PW or POW Prisoner(s) of war
QAIMNS Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service
QM Quartermaster
QMS Quarter Master Serjeant
QUEENS Queens Royal Regiment (West S Surrey)
RA Royal Regiment of Artillery
RAC Royal Armoured Corps
107 (etc) RAC Regiments, Royal Armoured Corps
RAChD Royal Army Chaplains' Department
RAFLO Royal Air Force Liaison Officer
RAMC Royal Army Medical Corps
RAPC Royal Army Pay Corps
RAOC Royal Army Ordnance Corps
RAP Regimental Aid Post
RASC Royal Army Service Corps
RAVC Royal Army Veterinary Corps
RB Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own)
R BERKS Royal Berkshire Regiment (Princess Charlotte of Wales's)
rd road
RDI Relief Driver Increment
RE Corps of Royal Engineers
rec Recover, recovered or recovery
recce Reconnaissance or reconnoitre
48(etc) RECCE REGT Regiments Reconnaissance Corps
Ref reference
reg Regulate, regulated, regulating or regulation
regt Regiment or regimental
REME Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
rep Represent, represented or representative
res Reserve(s)
RF Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
rfn Rifleman or riflemen
rft Reinforcement
rft HU Reinforcement holding unit
rft SU Reinforcement sub-units
RGH Royal Gloucestershire Hussars (TA)
RH Railhead
RHA Royal Horse Artillery
RHG Royal Horse Guards (The Blues)
RHMA Railhead or roadhead, maintenance area
RHMA Roadhead or railhead, maintenance area
R IR F Royal Irish Fusiliers (Princess Victoria's)
rly Railway
RMA Rear maintenance area
RO Routine order
ROO Railhead or roadhead, ordnance officer
ROO Roadhead or railhead, ordnance officer
ROYALS 1st Royal Dragoons
RP Refilling point, regimental police or Rules of Procedure
RP Regimental police, refilling point or Rules of Procedure
RP Rules of Procedure, refilling point or regimental police
rpg(pm) Rounds per gun (per minute)
rptd Repeated
RQMS Regimental quarter-master-serjeant
RS Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment)
RSD Returned stores depot
RSF Royal Scots Fusiliers
R Sigs Royal Corps of Signals
RSM Regimental serjeant-major
R and O Railhead or roadhead, supply officer
R and O Roadhead or railhead, supply officer
R SUSSEX Royal Sussex Regiment
RT Radio telephony
R TKS Royal Tank Regiment
48(etc) R TKS Battalions, Royal Tank Regiment
RTO Railway traffic order
RUR Royal Ulster Rifles
RV Rendezvous
RW Royal Warrant for Pay and Promotion
RWF Royal Welch Fusiliers
R WILTS YEO Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry (TA)
RWK Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment


SA Small arms, South Africa or South African
SA South Africa, South African or small arms
SAA Small Arms Ammunition
Sab Saboteur
sal Salvage or salvaged
SASC Small Arms School Corps
SAS REGT Special Air Service Regiment
SB Stretcher Bearer
SBG Small Box Girder [bridge]
SBS Special Boat Section Special Boat Service Special Boat Service Regiment
SBS(RM) Special Boat Service (Royal Marines)
S comd Senior Commander or Southern Command (more usually SComd)
S Contr Senior Controller
SDP Supply Dropping Point
SEAFORTH Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs The Duke of Albany's)
sec second or section
Sec Section or second
SG Scots Guards
SHARPSHOOTERS County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters) (TA)
shelrep shelling report
SIB Special Investigation Branch [of CMP]
sig signal
sigmn Signalman or Signalmen
SIS Special Investigation Section [of CMP]
sitrep Situation report
sgt Sergeant
sjt Serjeant
SL or S/L Searchlight or start line
SL Start line or searchlight
SLA Supply loading airfield
S LAN R South Lancs Regiment (The Prince of Wales's Volunteers)
SLP Supply Landing Point
SMC Sten Machine Carbine
SMO Senior Medical Officer
SNO Senior Naval Officer
SNOL Senior Naval Officer Landing
SO Staff Officer or Senior Officer
SOM LI Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's)
SP self-propelled or start point
SP Start Point or self-propelled
sp support or supported
spr Sapper
SQMS Staff or Squadron Quartermaster Serjeant
sqn Squadron
S rg Sound ranging
SRH Supply railhead
S Sjt or S/Sjt Staff Serjeant
SSM Staff or Squadron Serjeant-Major
sta station
stn station
S STAFFORDS South Staffordshire Regiment
S sup O Senior supply officer
STAFFS YEO Staffordshire Yeomanry (TA)
stereo stereoscope or stereoscopic
str seater or strength
str strength or seater
strat R strategical reconnaissance
Sub Subaltern
2 sub Second Subaltern
SUFFOLK Suffolk Regiment
sup supply or supplied
Sup P Supply Point
SURREYS East Surrey Regiment
svy survey
SWB South Wales Borderers
swbd switchboard
TA Territorial Army
tac R tactical reconnaissance
TANS Territorial Army Nursing Service
TC Traffic Control
tcl Tentacle
TCV Troop Carrying Vehicle
tech technical
tele telephone
Tfc traffic
tg telegraph or telegraphic
tk tank
TMC Thompson Machine Carbine
tn transportation
TO Transport Officer (only when used with bde, bn, etc)
TP Traffic Post
tp Troop
tpr Trooper
tpt transport
tptd transported
tptr transporter
trg training
2IC Second in command
TYNE SCOT Tyneside Scottish (TA)
UK United Kingdom
UM Urgent Memorandum
UPM Urgent Postal Memorandum
USA United States of America
UXB Unexploded Bomb(s)
veh vehicle
vet veterinary
VP Vulnerable Point
VRD Vehicle Reserve Depot
vs visual signalling
vtm vehicles to the mile
WA West Africa or West African
WARWICK Royal Warwickshire Regiment
WARWICK YEO Warwickshire Yeomanry (TA)
W DGNS 2nd County of London Yeomanry (Westminster Dragoons) (TA)
WE War Establishment
wef with effect from
WELCH Welch Regiment
WG Welsh Guards
wh wheel or wheeled
WILTS Wiltshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburgh's)
wksp workshop
WL Wagon Line
WO Warrant Officer
WORC R Worcestershire Regiment
WP Water Point
wpfg waterproofing
wrls Wireless
WS Warlike Stores, War Substantive or Wireless set
WS War Substantive, Warlike Stores or Wireless set
WS Wireless set, war substantive or warlike stores
WT or W/T weapon training or Wireless Telegraphy
WT Wireless Telegraphy or weapon training
WTO Weapon Training Officer
WWCP Walking Wounded Collecting Post
W YORKS West Yorks Regiment (The Prince of Wales's Own)
X rds cross roads
yd yard
YORKS H Yorkshire Hussars (TA)
Y&L York and Lancaster Regiment