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Records destroyed at the Army Records Centre, Arnside Street, London as a result of bombing on 8 September 1940

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RECORDS DESTROYED AT ARNSIDE STREET Army Records Centre Arnside Street Southwark London SE1

list from WO 32/21769, of records destroyed at the Army Records Centre, Arnside Street, London as a result of bombing on 8 September 1940, 1940. Images of this document can be downloaded for a fee from DocumentsOnline.

Class Description
AMD 4 Card Index Nurses

Confidential Reports (Nurses)

Rejects (Nurses) from 1934

All TANS records

AMD 5 VD Cards

6 volumes of extracts from CRs (Royal Army Medical Corps officers 1825 to 1857)

Complete medical history of the War – card index to same

Almeric Paget’s records

Various records of the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service

AMD 4 (Medals) BMs – Bundles 1 to 93

(Corridor) BM Bundles

Medal receipts

Medal Rolls of the Kings West African Rifles

C1 Chaplains records

Confidential reports

Colonel Whitton’s reports

CDRD Chemical warfare. Files.
C4 Records of Civil Subordinates and card index
F2 Agents Officers Pay Lists 1914 to 1921 and later
F2d Schedules and vouchers
F3 Letter books from 1885
F7 War Office Cashier’s accounts

China and Malaya Accounts from July 1934

Malta and Gibraltar accounts

F8 Principal Personal Ledgers

Contract ledger sheets

General states

Remittances and vouchers

PMA accounts

Post Office Savings Accounts

APL ledger cards

PPL ledger cards

O and F ledger cards

ID Various old books
Lands Branch Maps various
M1 Card Index of staff employed (military).

All intelligence records including various missions: Russia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Black Sea, Italy, Portugal, Persia, Egypt.

MS2 Officers Commission cards.

Confidential Report (Officers) all branches of the service, 1870 to 1880; 1910 to 1938. 30 CRs of 1939 Royal Army Medical Corps.

MS3 Honours and Awards Card Index (Old and New).

Honour and Award bundles giving a description of the deed which earned the award.

Rolls of the VC’s awarded from the commencement.

South African awards.

MGOF(b) Accounts
QMG3 Blue prints and drawings (1914 to 1919 period)
QMG12 Stationary (9 tons)
SD1 Confidential documents dealing with officers’ examinations.
M1D Files (Munitions Inventions) 1-5000.
WO Library Volumes of leading London papers dating back over 100 years.
C4 Tels Secret Cipher Telegrams
A Section

Clerical K & E Sections

BMs from 1926 and reference books


and letter books.


AG4 Medals Bronze Plaques and King’s Certificates unclaimed.
C1 General Vennings Reports.
CIGS Documents.
DAAG CR Files.
Q Files.
C2 Casualty Returns.
JAG Court Martial Proceedings.
SUNDRY AFB 199As Officers record of service.

AFB 158 Officers strength returns.

Volumes of officers strength returns from 1880

Various registers of Civil Subordinates all branches of the service with complete card index.

AB404 Civil Subordinates loose leaf ledgers (AFsC 334)

Roll boks of various ordnance factories.

Card Index of foreign Honours and Awards.

Books containing Rolls of Officers Royal Army Medical Corps.

Numerous Boer War records including Town Guard, ie Kitchener’s Horse &c.

Army Lists from 1775, also Indian Army Lists.

Several volumes of Court Martial proceedings.

Records of Horse Breeding.

Medway Coast Defence records.

Packages of photographic plates (Great War period)

Irish Rebellion. Files and card index.

Irish Coastal Command (Registered files).

General Redcliffe’s documents relating to Italy.

Nominal Rolls of the Black Sea Labour Corps.

Embarkation returns.

Colonial Regiments – Nominal rolls.

Officers’ and Men’s Casualty cards.

South African Casualty Card Index.

GHQ France files.

AFsB 199 TA Officers.

AFsB 103 Officers.

2 tin boxes containing documents relating 1st Echelon France 1939/40.

Part II Orders and Card Index Officers and Men 2nd Echelon NWEF.

Routine Orders of the various Commands 1940.

RA reference books of officers service home and abroad including card index.

Card Index of officers serving in the Middle East.

Officer Unit and demobilization Card Index.

First commission card.

Card Index of deceased officers.

Card Index of TA and temporary commissions.

Staff card index.

Officers Promotion and Exam Card index.

Card Index of officers and men taken Prisoner of War.

Card Index of prison camps in Germany.

Documents relating to conditions under which our troops were interned in Prisoner of War camps.

War Diaries of nearly all Regiments (Great War).

Duplicate Great War Diaries.

Grey books of officers and men killed and missing 1914/18.

Nominal rolls of Pre-War Volunteers.

Reference books of pre-war Officers volunteers.

Reference books of TA officers pre-war.

Nominal rolls of the OTC and card index.

USA Royal Army Medical Corps records.

SA Royal Army Medical Corps records.

Chinese Labour Corps records.

Mob Directorate.

Documents relating to Harrow Schools.

Documents relating to Portuguese Labour Corps.

Documents relating to Russian Labour Corps.

1 Case of Effects.

Vote 10c Accounts (F 7)

Great War Volunteer records.

1 parcel of photographs of old guns used by the RA.

Documents relating to the Egyptian Expeditionary Force.

3040 Card Index (particulars of soldier service)

Abe 358 all line regiments.

Abs 216 TA.

Abs 359, Special Reserve and index books.

Abs 72 Lists of soldiers’ documents forwarded to Chelsea.

Part II Orders all branches of the Service 1914 to 1921.

2 South African Rifles and 1 sword.

Reference books of the various ammunition columns.

Company Rolls of the Labour Corps.

WACC documents and card index (3040s)

Various reords of the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service

Reports on German atrocities.

Approximately 50 files of 26/Records/series.

Various records of the Royal Air Force.

GHQ files.

Numerous copies of the London Gazette.

Zion Mule Corps.

Various records of the King’s West African Rifles.

British West Indies Regiment records.

West India Regiment records – pre-war.

Card index of the various divisions, bridges, etc.

Army Orders.

Cinque Ports.

Allied Police Commission, Constantinople.

Reference books of the Young Soldiers’ Battalions Great War.

Various records not scheduled (MT 4).

All reference books dealing with the work at Arnside Street including a complee summary of documents held.

4 books of King’s Regulations (Ley Copies) 1912-1923 from Marshalsea Road.

Documents relating to the Camel Corps.

Reference books of Widows’ Pensions.

The following documents were waiting to be transferred to the Public Record Office at their convenience:-

(1) Documents relating to the conquest of Florida and Louisiana.

(2) Map of Gibraltar about 1770.

(3) Correspondence relating to the relief of Mafeking.

(4) Correspondence between Lord Kitchener and the Archbishop of Canterbury re the appointment of Catholic Priests.

(5) Diary. Journal of Egypt 1800.

(6) Correspondence relating to the West Indian Regiment 1790.

PWIB BM Bundles.
SUNDRY: Approximately 2 tons of oddments including parts of two Machine Guns, barbed wire, periscopes and a Range Finder from Great War

Card Index of the Military Hospitals
Card Index relating to the BOAR
Regimental Histories from various Record Offices including one volume of the Price of Wales
All the volumes were received under Mob 32.

Royal Hibernian Military School
Documents and registers
Great War Soldiers’ documents received from Record Offices
Great War Soldiers’ non-effective documents up to 7 August 1920 inclusive

Soldiers’ documents of Machine Gun Corps up to disbandment in 1922 (Out of 6 ½ million documents only 1 ¼ million have been saved)
Documents relating to War Department Constabulary.