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Place:Newington Registration District, 1861 Census Street Index U-Z

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This is a list of streets and places in the Newington Registration District in the 1861 census. To write about a particular street click on the red link to go to an edit page.

This is a finding aid and does not contain links to the actual 1861 census returns - the document reference has been included to help researchers when they use online or microfilm copies of the 1861 census.

The images for the 1861 census are hosted for The National Archives by Ancestry - to see an image for the address you are interested in make a note of the reference and folio number and enter these in the appropriate reference box at Ancestry

See Help:Census Street searches for information on how to use these indexes and why you may not find what you are looking for.

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Street name Nearby street Remarks Dwellings Reference folio
Unicorn CourtKent StreetRG 9/33518
Unicorn YardBlackman StreetRG 9/33636-37
Union CottagesUnion StreetRG 9/34340
Union CourtWalworth RoadRG 9/34555-57
Union PlaceAyliffe StreetRG 9/33719-20
Union PlaceBlackman StreetMISSING from ED7RG 9/335
Union PlaceCross Street, Walworth RoadRG 9/3459-10
Union PlaceNew Kent RoadRG 9/345129-131
Union PlaceUnion SquareRG 9/33618-19
Union RoadNewington Causeway24-35RG 9/33712-14
Union RoadNewington Causeway7,11, 12, 14, 36-60RG 9/335100-102
Union RoadNewington Causeway71-72RG 9/33644
Union RoadNewington Causeway89-103RG 9/33640-42
Union RoadNewington CausewayCanterbury Place 10-12RG 9/33620
Union RoadNewington CausewayWinter TerraceRG 9/33642-44
Union RoadNewington CausewayMISSING from ED141-14partRG 9/336
Union RoadNewington CausewayMISSING from ED14part23RG 9/336
Union RoadNewington CausewayMISSING from ED861-70RG 9/336
Union RoadNewington Causewayformerly Horsemonger Lanepart14-23partRG 9/336156
Union RoadNewington Causewayprobably do not exist73-88
Union RowNew Kent Road1-21RG 9/33776-80
Union RowNew Kent Road22-41RG 9/345131-134
Union RowNew Kent Road4.1/2RG 9/345137
Union SquareUnion Road1-9RG 9/33614-15
Union SquareUnion Road11-20RG 9/33617-18
Union SquareUnion Road21-29RG 9/33615-16
Union StreetEast Streetincludes Albion CottageRG 9/34338-41
Union TerraceUnion SquareRG 9/33616-17
Union YardCole StreetRG 9/335140
Upper Cross StreetKing Street, East Streetlater part of Angel StreetRG 9/34361-63
Upper Doctor StreetWestmorland RoadRG 9/34192-96
Upton PlaceWestmorland RoadRG 9/34036
Uxbridge PlaceWilliam Streetnumbers mixedRG 9/336125-131, 135
Uxbridge StreetWilliam Streetnumbers mixedRG 9/336125-131, 135
Victoria Cottages1-5 Royal RoadRG 9/339122-123
Victoria PlaceBrunswick Street1-3RG 9/335102
Victoria PlaceBrunswick Street4-7RG 9/33619
Victoria PlaceHen & Chicken LaneRG 9/342122-123
Victoria PlaceHill StreetRG 9/33990-93
Victoria PlaceKing Street, East StreetRG 9/34358-59
Victoria PlaceNapier StreetRG 9/33513-14
Victoria Terrace18-21 Beresford StreetRG 9/339114
Victoria TerraceRoyal RoadIncluding Stafford CottageRG 9/33853-54
Victory CottagesAylesbury StreetRG 9/342103-104
Victory PlaceTrafalgar PlaceRG 9/33791-93
Villa PlaceWestmorland RoadRG 9/34040-41
Villa RowWestmorland RoadRG 9/34045-47
Villa StreetWestmorland Road1-32RG 9/34041-45
Villa StreetWestmorland Roadsee CAMBERWELLSouthern end 1-8RG 9/38616-17
Violet PlaceCole Street NorthRG 9/33510-11
Waller PlaceFrancis StreetMISSING from ED7RG 9/344
Walworth GardensEast StreetRG 9/34223-24
Walworth PlaceEast StreetRG 9/34221-22
Walworth PlaceWalworth RoadRG 9/33923-25
Walworth RoadEast sideBackford Row 1-6RG 9/3421
Walworth RoadEast sideBackford Row 28-40RG 9/341157-159
Walworth RoadEast sideBakers RowRG 9/345140-141
Walworth RoadEast sideBlack Prince & Staverton RowsRG 9/34551-55
Walworth RoadEast sideBolingbroke Row 1-3,1-17partRG 9/3402-4
Walworth RoadEast sideCrosby Row 1-36RG 9/34379-85
Walworth RoadEast sideCrosby Row 37RG 9/34377
Walworth RoadEast sideCrown RowRG 9/34584-87
Walworth RoadEast sideMount PlaceRG 9/341147-148
Walworth RoadEast sideRed Lion Public House (Gurneys)RG 9/341143, 153
Walworth RoadEast sideSaville Row 1-10RG 9/345141
Walworth RoadEast sideYork Place 8.1/2-9RG 9/345174
Walworth RoadEast side MISSING from ED14Chatham PlaceRG 9/345
Walworth RoadEast side MISSING from ED14Savllle Row 11RG 9/345
Walworth RoadEast side MISSING from ED14York Place 1-8RG 9/345
Walworth RoadEast side MISSING from ED20Bolingbroke Row part17-endRG 9/340
Walworth RoadEast side MISSING from ED37Backford Row 7-27RG 9/342
Walworth RoadWest sideAlma CottagesRG 9/33816
Walworth RoadWest sideAmelia PlaceRG 9/344137-139
Walworth RoadWest sideCharlotte RowRG 9/33932-35
Walworth RoadWest sideCrown Street 1-17RG 9/3453-5
Walworth RoadWest sideCumberland Row & Crown Street East 1-5RG 9/34529-32
Walworth RoadWest sideDeans RowRG 9/344137-139
Walworth RoadWest sideElephant & Castle Public House & Surrey PlaceRG 9/34532-33
Walworth RoadWest sideKeene's Row & Police StationRG 9/3394-7
Walworth RoadWest sideMarlborough Place & Walworth TerraceRG 9/344156-160
Walworth RoadWest sidePenton Row part8-29RG 9/3381-4
Walworth RoadWest sideSt Georges PlaceRG 9/344160-161
Walworth RoadWest sideSt Mary's Terrace 1-12RG 9/339108-109
Walworth RoadWest sideSt Mary's Terrace 13-18RG 9/33966
Walworth RoadWest sideWalworth PlaceRG 9/33923-25
Walworth RoadWest sideWilliams PlaceRG 9/339147
Walworth RoadWest sideGrosvenor Place 19-26RG 9/386146-147
Walworth RoadWest side MISSING from ED1Penton Row 1-8partRG 9/338
Walworth RoadWest side these are Camberwell Road but are entered as Walworth RoadBrunswick Place & Brunswick CottagesRG 9/339147-148
Walworth RoadWest side these are Camberwell Road but are entered as Walworth RoadGrosvenor Place & Cottages 1-19RG 9/339148-150
Walworth VillasWestmorland RoadRG 9/34048-50
Warren PlaceCole Street NorthRG 9/33511-12
Warren PlaceUpper Salisbury PlaceRG 9/343129-130
Waterloo PlaceNewington High StreetRG 9/34478-80
Waterloo StreetPortland Street1-2, 6-14, 20-24RG 9/3413-5
Waterloo StreetPortland Street1-6RG 9/34127
Waterloo StreetPortland Street1-7RG 9/34113-15
Waterloo StreetPortland Streetsome unidentifiable MISSING from ED28RG 9/340
Webb StreetPortland StreetRG 9/34171-74
Webbs County TerraceremainderRG 9/3374-8
Webbs County TerraceNew Kent Road9RG 9/33722
Wellington PlaceDorset StreetRG 9/336108-111
Wellington PlaceEast StreetRG 9/34263-65
Wellington PlaceNewington High StreetRG 9/34476-78
Wellington Placeor Cottages, Westmoreland RoadRG 9/34056-57, 70
Wellington StreetDevonshire StreetRG 9/33699-106
West EndSouth PlaceMISSING? from ED1RG 9/343
West PlacePenton PlaceRG 9/34447
West StreetSouth side1-22 & Falconer & Gills CottagesRG 9/3391-4
West StreetWalworth RoadNorth side later called Penrose Street1-22RG 9/3384-7
West TerracePenton PlaceRG 9/34446-47
Westmoreland PlaceRG 9/34054-56
Westmoreland RoadAnn Place SouthRG 9/34023-24
Westmoreland RoadBayldon House & Rose CottagesRG 9/34054
Westmoreland RoadBracknell PlaceRG 9/34022-23
Westmoreland RoadDevonshire Place & Devonshire CottageRG 9/341111-112
Westmoreland RoadGloucester Place &/or Terrace, possibly some unidentifiable &RG 9/3411-2
Westmoreland RoadJohn, Pauls, St Pauls, Upton & Villa PlacesRG 9/34035-41
Westmoreland RoadPort Place, NorthRG 9/341138-139
Westmoreland RoadPort Place, SouthRG 9/3405-7, 18
Westmoreland RoadPortland Place EastRG 9/34192
Westmoreland RoadPortland Place WestRG 9/341103-104
Westmoreland RoadPortland Terrace 1-6, 1-11RG 9/34026, 34-35
Westmoreland RoadSt James & St Peters PlacesRG 9/34123-26
Westmoreland RoadTrafalgar Row & Walworth VillasRG 9/34047-50
Westmoreland RoadWestmoreland & Windsor CottagesRG 9/34037
Westmoreland RoadMISSING from ED28 & probably including some of Goucester & Westmoreland Terraces & parts on either side of Clifford StreetRG 9/340
Westmoreland Roadand Westmoreland TerracesAnn Place NorthRG 9/341112
Westmoreland RowRG 9/340135-138
Weymouth CourtLion Street& Passage?RG 9/34563
Weymouth PlaceNew Kent RoadRG 9/34566-67
Weymouth StreetNew Kent Road1-15RG 9/34592-94
Weymouth StreetNew Kent Road31-47RG 9/34590-92
Weymouth StreetNew Kent Road34-44RG 9/34569-70
Weymouth StreetNew Kent RoadEast side1-33RG 9/34594-99
Weymouth StreetNew Kent RoadWest side1-6RG 9/34570-71
Whitby Place5RG 9/33799
Whitby PlaceLocks Fields3, 6-7RG 9/337106
White CottagesGrosvenor StreetRG 9/339159-160
White CottagesNew Street, Kennington RoadRG 9/34411
White CottagesPleasant PlaceRG 9/34256-57a
White Hart Court or PlaceWalworth RoadRG 9/34578-80
William StreetBrandon Rowlater called side Rockingham StreetSouth sideRG 9/336112-114
William StreetBrandon RowNorth sideRG 9/336131-133
William StreetHarper Streetlater part of Arnott StreetRG 9/33741-45
William StreetHill Streetlater Cook's RoadRG 9/33987-89
William StreetSarah Ann Streetlater called Content StreetMISSING from ED21RG 9/337
Williams GroveAylesbury StreetRG 9/342109-110
Williams PlaceCounty Terrace StreetRG 9/33735
Williams PlaceProspect RowRG 9/345105-107
Williams PlaceWalworth RoadRG 9/339147
Williams PlaceWestmoreland RoadRG 9/34057-58
Williams TerraceLorrimore SquareRG 9/33832-34
Williams TerraceOlney Streetodd numbers are Johns & Mary Terraces2-32 evenRG 9/33938-40
Wills Terrace19-28RG 9/33868-69
Wills TerraceLorrimore SquareMISSING from ED81-18RG 9/339
Winter TerraceUnion Road(16-17 also numbered as 71-721-18RG 9/33642-44
Woodland TerraceRalph Place 6-8RG 9/33612-13
Woodland TerraceBrunswick Street1-6RG 9/33613-14
Woods BuildingsEast StreetRG 9/342140-143
WorkhouseMISSING fromNewington Union WorkhouseRG 9/344
York BuildingsYork StreetRG 9/345171-173
York CourtFrancis StreetRG 9/344114
York CourtYork Street, Pitt StreetRG 9/337148
York MewsYork Street, Walworth RoadTarlings Yard & StablesRG 9/345174
York PlacePitt Streetwrongly entered as York Street on f149RG 9/337148-149
York PlaceWalworth Road8.1/2-9RG 9/345174
York PlaceWalworth RoadMISSING from ED14remainderRG 9/345
York RoadSurrey Grove1-20RG 9/34060-63
York RoadSurrey Grove1-5 (34-39?),40-41RG 9/340101-103
York RoadSurrey Grovelater part of Bagshot Street21-33RG 9/34074-75
York StreetCottage Rowlater called Barlow StreetRG 9/337141-148
York StreetWalworth RoadNorth side:Seymour Place 1-16RG 9/345160-171
York StreetWalworth RoadNorth side:Seymour Place 17-18RG 9/345167
York StreetWalworth RoadNorth side:unnumberedRG 9/345171-173
York StreetWalworth RoadSouth side:Little Seymour PlaceRG 9/343117-118
York StreetWalworth RoadSouth side:SchoolRG 9/34385, 89-90
York StreetWalworth Roadsome of the North side & Acton Place MISSING from ED14RG 9/345

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