A General Election took place in the UK on 6 May 2010. The Web Continuity Team worked with colleagues at the Central Office of Information and in other government departments to ensure that the main corporate websites of Central Government departments and selected agencies were archived shortly before and after the election date. It was hoped that this would help prevent information being lost as a result of any changes to the structure of the government which might take place as a consequence of the election.

The election date was announced on 6 April 2010. At this point the pre-election period began, during which time government departments were restricted from adding most types of content to their sites. We archived all websites selected as part of this project on 7 April 2010. The website of the Prime Minister's Office was additionally archived one week before the election and the day before the election due to its particular significance at the time of a General Election.

On 11 May 2010 the then Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, announced his resignation which confirmed that a new government would be formed. All selected sites were archived again on around 12 May 2010.

We consider this project to be a success as a great deal of content was removed from websites soon after the General Election which was thereafter only available in the UK Government Web Archive. Figures show a significant increase in the number of visitors being automatically redirected to the Web Archive because information was not available on the live web in the months following the election.

Pre-election versions

Additional archived versions of the website of the Prime Minister's Office

Post election versions