08 February

Over the weekend of 24 and 25 March, The National Archives is holding its first hack day. We will be opening up the archives to web developers and designers to encourage them to gather and exchange ideas and make use of The National Archives' data and documents.

We want to work with developers who share our interest in history, government and culture, to devise and build systems using our records, as well as datasets from across the web. Non-developers are also welcome - anyone with ideas for interesting tools, visualisations or systems developers could build using our data.

We hold millions of documents covering almost a millennium of world history: everything from Domesday Book and Cabinet Papers to the UK Government Web Archive and our Legislation API. On the day, we will have records experts from The National Archives on hand, together with colleagues from the British Museum, British Library and Wikimedia UK to talk about their data and to pitch ideas.

Inspirational work has been produced by enthusiasts at other events, including an online Domesday book, a detailed record of the Blitz and a range of apps and games.

Sign up for the event, which is taking place at The National Archives, Kew. The event is free but tickets are limited. See our Labs site for more information on the datasets available.

Follow the conversation on twitter: #hackon12