Leadership review

In 2013, The National Archives commissioned the Cultural Consulting Network (CCN), to review its leadership of the archive sector two years on from taking over the responsibility from the Museum, Libraries and Archives Council.

The aim of the review was to:

  • look at what had been achieved
  • look at whether stakeholders and partners had recognised the change in our leadership role
  • make recommendations about what can be improved or done differently to make The National Archives more effective as a sector leader in the future

CCN’s analysis was based on gathering extensive external, qualitative views from a range of our stakeholders with an interest in its leadership role. Their conclusions are based primarily on the external, qualitative perspectives, views and opinions of our stakeholders.

The report below indicates that after the initial two-year period of leadership, The National Archives has made real progress in establishing itself in the sector leadership role and in taking up the accompanying challenges. It also outlines a number of recommendations for us to consider.

Review of The National Archives’ sector leadership function (DOC, 0.53Mb)

The National Archives’ response to the leadership review (DOC, 0.04Mb)1