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Richard Suttle
Richard Suttle

Richard Suttle was born in Barbados in 1928. He attended Bay Street Boys and Combermere Secondary schools where his fellow pupils included the future cricketing greats Gary Sobers, Wes Hall and Seymour Nurse, all of whom were coached by him as a member of the Bayland Spots Club when Richard was still in his teens. As owner and head teacher of Suttle's Illustrious School Richard taught for 13 years in Barbados before coming to England on a contract with London Transport in 1960. He later joined the Post Office and moved to Chesterfield in 1967 working at the AGD. A keen student of cricket he founded and coached the AGD Junior Cricket Club from1968 - 85 while gaining academic and NCA cricketing qualifications at Chesterfield College. Richard was employed as a cricketing coach in Prestwick, Scotland and Amsterdam before returning to the Manor School Cricket Club and from 1981 organised several tours to the Caribbean as coach to the Chesterfield and District Cricket Touring team. Richard who lives in Hasland has also written several poems and an as yet unpublished autobiography The Vicissitudes of a Cricketing Crusader.

Kensington Oval Garfield Sobers Pavillion. Richard Suttle and Anne Wells on right of front row
Kensington Oval Garfield Sobers Pavillion. Richard Suttle and Anne Wells on right of front row

Anne Wells was born in Surrey, the daughter of Albert and Margaret Lindsey. Her father worked as a jockey and her mother came from Chesterfield. Anne studied at the Banstead Secondary School for girls and on leaving worked for the Distillers Company at Great Burgh, Epsom where she helped with the printing and the photographing of documents, and took part in a major photographic exhibition. She moved to Chesterfield in 1977 having previously visited her parents there when she was young, and worked as a store detective at Littlewoods before becoming a senior security officer at the Pavement Shopping Centre up to her retirement. Anne met Richard in 1988 and they have been partners ever since. They share a passion for cricket and Anne was for many years Secretary and Treasurer of the Chesterfield and District Cricket Touring team, helping with the organising of the tours.

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