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Ugandan Asians in Leicester tells the stories of families who fled Uganda during the 1972 exodus.

Notorious dictator Idi Amin gave people just 90 days to leave their home and find refuge in another place. Many eventually came to Leicester, making the City their new home.

Listen to the moving stories, see the photos, and read the collected stories of those who endured this poignant time.

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Ugandan Asians in LeicesterStudying in Leicester but then never to return to Uganda
1950 - 2006
contributed by: Surbhi Rayarel
Ugandan Asians in LeicesterI passed 35 years in Leicester. I am 78 now so I don’t think to go anywhere.
1920 - 2006
contributed by: Bhagwanji Lakhani
Ugandan Asians in LeicesterWe lost everything there, except our lives
1960 - 2006
contributed by: Maz Mashru
Ugandan Asians in Leicester“Back home” is Uganda to me
1950 - 2006
contributed by: Nick Kotecha
Ugandan Asians in LeicesterLeicester had actually put an ad in the newspaper ‘Please do not come to Leicester’
1960 - 2006
contributed by: Mala Kotecha
Ugandan Asians in LeicesterUganda, it was not my motherland; it was an adopted country.
1950 - 2006
contributed by: Suresh Ruparala
Our people came from Uganda and developed the Belgrave Road
1949 - 2006
contributed by: Shantibhai Thakrar
From India to Kenya to Uganda to Leicester
1947 - 2006
contributed by: Khantibhai Patel
We left everything and came to England
1970 - 2006
contributed by: Savitriben
From India to Uganda to Leicester
1947 - 2006
contributed by: Dayalji Govindji Thakrar
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