story icon Migration from the Caribbean from a Second Generation Perspective

Contributed by: Amanda Huxtable
1960 - 2006

Amanda Huxtable was born and raised in South London. However, she has lived almost all her adult life in the North of England. After studying at both Manchester and Leeds universities she has dedicated her life’s work to the performing arts and social change.

Amanda started out as an Actor specialising in Theatre in Education. She found her self increasingly challenged by the restrictions of a performer and changed paths to include training within the community as well as mentoring fellow artists, writing for studio and stage and directing various styles of theatre.

Amanda has now taken up post as Artistic Director of the Yorkshire Women Theatre Company based in Leeds.

Amanda finds that a good sense of humour sees her through most things, however, she does not take everything ‘fi joke’ (for a joke).

Amanda Huxtable - Migration from a second generation perspective
Amanda Huxtable - Migration from a second generation perspective Read the transcript

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