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Partner: Jewish Museum, London (JML)
Reference: 1998.39.20
Title: Copy of birth certificate of Alice Keidanski (later Chapp), 1941
Description: Photocopy of copy of printed certificate completed in typescript. - Moritz and Ulrike Sommerfeld married on 8 March 1847 and fifty years later a special newspaper was produced to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Auguste Sommerfeld was probably their daughter, and she married Louis Silberstein. They had two daughters, Gertrud born in 1877 and Tekla Martha, born in 1880, and they brought them up in Poznan (Posen) in Poland. On 10 November 1902 Gertrud married Julius Keidanski. Julius was born in 1868, and like his father Heinrich, he was a shopkeeper. He was naturalised as a Prussian citizen in 1893 and was admitted to the Berlin merchant corporation in 1905. Julius and Gertrud's daughter Alice was born in Berlin on 18 October 1905. Paul Chapp was born in Hohensalza in Prussia on 18 January 1895. He served in the Prussian Army during the First World War and following that he studied at the University of Silesia, receiving his doctorate there in 1922. Paul Chapp became engaged to Alice Keidanski in 1934. In 1938 Paul and Alice Chapp left Germany to escape the Nazis. They made their home in Bournemouth and ran an iron and steel processing factory in Willesden, north London.
Date(s): 1941
Community: Jewish Community
Theme: Origins (conditions in the country of origin)
Format: Text
Access: Original available for consultation at the Jewish Museum, London.
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