Britain Since 1948

Getting started

Getting started

How has life changed in Britain since 1948? How has immigration in the last 60 years changed British culture?

Sergeant J.O. Lynch who flew for the Royal Air Force and won the Air Gunner's Trophy in 1944

Empire and the Second World War

How did the people of the British Empire help Britain during the Second World War? What kinds of jobs did they do?

A photo of the Empire Windrush ship

Windrush and beyond

The Empire Windrush landed in Britain in 1948, carrying over 400 people from the Caribbean who hoped to make a new life here. What were their first experiences in Britain?

A photo of Fay Allen Sislin the first black woman police office

Working life

How has working life changed since 1948? What jobs might migrants have done in 1948? How about women? How might that have changed today?

A photo of a woman

Home life

Moving to a different country might be difficult, especially if you are leaving friends and family behind. What is it like to move to a new place?

A photo of a girl participating in a Hindu dance workshop

Culture and entertainment

Since 1948, many people have brought their music, dance, and other cultural traditions to Britain. Find out what some of them are.

An man setting out the display in the window of an Asian sweet shop

The world on my plate

People from all around the world have brought different foods to Britain with them. What are some of them? How has food changed since 1948?

A boy studying the Quran

World faiths

Immigrants from all over the world bring their faiths with them to Britain. Find out more about some of these faiths and explore the ways in which people express them.

A girl dancing

A multicultural society

In our multicultural society, people from all over the world have come to share their talents, skills and ideas to make Britain a more interesting place. How can we welcome everyone to this multicultural society?