The Multimart

The Moving Here project is having a large dinner party to celebrate 200 years of migration to England. We plan to cook 8 different dishes, two from each of the four communities: Caribbean, Irish, Jewish and South Asian. However, we have none of the ingredients we need.

It is your job to go inside the supermarket and collect the food items on each pf the shopping lists provided for you. However, be careful, the owner of the grocery shop can get very angry at times, especially when food is dropped on his nice clean floor. So be sure to catch as much as you can otherwise he will throw you out of his shop.

The controls

Simply use the right and left arrow keys on your keyboard to move yourself to the right or left

Note This game is in Flash. To play this on your computer you will need to have Flash Player 6. This can be downloaded free of charge from the Macromedia website.

Go and have fun!

This game was created by:
Dimitris Kouris
Clayton MacDermott
Max O'Keefe
Students from the University of East London

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