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* Naturalization 
Few people became naturalized, except by marriage, because it was an expensive process and conferred few additional rights. Before 1844 to become a naturalized citizen required an act of parliament. Most people chose the cheaper option of *denization, which was to become a British subject without the full rights of a citizen. There are records of denization and *naturalization from the 15th century.

After 1844 these records can be found in Home Office records. Indexes (up until 1961) are in the Research Enquiries Room at the National Archives. Announcements (and indexes) for both naturalization and denization were also published in the London Gazette. For more details about the process of naturalization see *Grants of British Nationality.

Files about individuals who applied for naturalization between 1934 and 1948 are in the National Archives record series (PRO) HO405.

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