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* West Indian Regiments 
The British army was permanently stationed in the West Indies. The forces were made up predominantly of recruits from Britain, with a small number of other Europeans and some West Indians. During the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars many regiments were raised in the West Indies or fought in the West Indies. Most of these were foreign regiments on British pay or were disbanded after the wars. For example, the York Light Infantry Volunteers was raised from Dutch garrison battalions after Britain captured the Dutch colonies of Berbice, Demerara and Essequibo in 1803; the corps was disbanded in 1817.

Much information on these regiments, including records of service, are to be found in The National Archives.

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While white West Indians were able to join the regular British regiments, black West Indians were usually restricted to joining one of the colonial regiments or garrison battalions. The most important West Indian regiments were the West Indian Regiment, 17951927, the British West Indies Regiment, 1915-19, and the Caribbean Regiment, 1944-46. In addition, there was a Corps of Military Labourers, 1817-88, raised for garrison and general labouring duties.

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