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* Dean Mahomed's Early Life in Indian  
Mahomed was born in Patna, in the state of Bihar, in 1759. In 1769, at the age of 11, Mahomed joined the East India Company Army, as Godfrey Baker's camp follower, and like his own father, rose to the rank of Subedar (captain). Mahomed saw active service in a number of campaigns. However, in 1782, Mahomed resigned from the Army, choosing to accompany Captain Baker, 'his best friend' to Britain. In September 1784, at the age of 25, Dean Mahomed landed at Dartmouth to start a new life in Ireland with the Baker family.

Dean Mahomed in Ireland
Mirza Abu Talib Khan met Mahomed when he visited the estate of William Massey Baker in Cork in 1799. We learn from him that after his arrival in Cork, with the support of Captain Godfrey Baker (d. 1787), Mahomed went to school to increase his knowledge of the English language and literature. Here he met Jane Daly, 'a pretty Irish girl of respectable parentage.' In 1786 the couple eloped to another town to get married (which suggests a degree of opposition from the Daly family). In 1794, Mahomed's book, The Travels of Dean Mahomed, a Native of Patna in Bengal, Through Several Parts of India, While in the Service of The Honourable The East India Company was published in Cork. This book gives a brief autobiographical account of Dean Mahomed, his career in the army, the social customs of India and the conquest of India by the East India Company's Army. By 1799, according to Abu Talib Khan, Mahomed and Jane had several children, a house and were financially comfortable.

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