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A group of Muslim pilgrims walk down the gangway of a ship on their return to India during World War Two.
Within this section you will find basic guidance on how to trace South Asian family history in England and in South Asia, with descriptions of many of the most important sources available. There are several recent publications on the history of Asians in Britain, as well as a few web sites that provide general background (see the reading list in the pulling it together section for further details).

Very little has been published on South Asian family history, and in many ways this field is in its early stages. In recent times, though, increasing numbers of people have started researching this area of genealogy, and what follows on this website should provide guidance and tips for those in quest of records on South Asian immigrants.

Tracing South Asian roots was written by Abi Husainy, The National Archives.

Creators: Abi Husainy

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