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* Rastafarianism 
*Rastafarianism was the other important strand of religion among Caribbean migrants, but in contrast to the welfare network of the Pentecostalists, it exerted a cultural influence which went well beyond its actual followers.

Part of the reason for this was the wide success of the best-known Rastafarian musician, Bob Marley. Another reason can be found in its origins. Rastafarianism derived from the followers of the Black activist and politician, Marcus Garvey, who spoke of a 'crowned king from the East' as being 'the Redeemer'. Garvey's disciples took Haile Selassie of Ethiopia as the 'king' that Garvey had identified.

Rastafarianism's apparent anti-authoritarian bias, and its mystic overtones made it a popular base of ideas and style among young Caribbean migrants. It played a major role in fuelling interest and confidence in their own background and identity.

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